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Email marketing solution for Bigcommerce

Email marketing app
for Bigcommerce stores

Save time. Save money.
Do ecommerce-focused email marketing with ease.
Ecommerce focused


Create email newsletter campaigns that actually drive sales. Data synchronization among Soundest and your Bigcommerce store, ready-made templates and MoneyMakers (smart automated features) let you sell more with minimum effort.

Seamless integration with Bigcommerce

Super easy to use

Simplicity is everywhere on Soundest. App seamlessly integrates with your Bigcommerce store and no additional configuration is needed! Prebuilt templates and other automated features - all for your convenience and effective email marketing.

Get 15 000 emails per month for free

Get 15 000 emails / month for free

Forget those ridiculous fees for each email sent. We give you enough emails for free. Make sure to use them wisely.

In store email builder for Bigcommerce

Create newsletters 10 times faster

Just browse your Bigcommerce store picking products and we will add them to your newsletter with pictures, descriptions and pricing. It will save you up to 90% time compared to other template editors. Emails can always be built in a traditional way as well.

Responsive customizable templates

Responsive customizable templates

Use our prebuilt templates and get your newsletter ready to be sent in minutes! Customize templates to make it match the style of your Bigcommerce store. All templates are responsive, so be sure - your newsletters will look good on any device.

Top class support

Dedicated support team

You ask - we answer. Our users can send us an email anytime with any question. We reach them back in less than 12 hours. You can also send messages to our support team directly from your Soundest account. We will be glad to help.

Start doing smart email marketing right now