Social media has, quite literally, taken the world by storm. These platforms started out with extremely humble beginnings, but now they are some of the biggest companies in the world. At this point, having a social media strategy is practically required for any business to find true success.

I mean, the internet has 3.17 billion users, and 2.3 billion of them are active on social media.

Combine this with the fact that science now tells us we have an attention span less than that of a goldfish, and it’s clear we’re going to need some seriously engaging content to stand out on social.

Today I’m going to show you 10 quick and easy ways how you can instantly improve your content’s value and engagement

10 Quick Ways to Improve Your Social Media Content Right Now

The first step on any successful social media venture is building a website and a blog that you can use for your business. Think of it like your homebase where you direct leads and prospects. If you’re hanging out on social, getting people excited about your brand management, you need a place for them to go and purchase your product.

As we move into these points, you’ll see that having that website/blog is going to come in handy for more than just a place to do your business, so make sure you have yours set up sooner than later.

1. Start Using More Images

Posts and tweets fly through a user’s feed like a flock of birds chasing breadcrumbs. It’s fast, which means that you’re content is going to come and go in the blink of an eye. Having a great message is important, but having engaging and eye-catching images is even more crucial.

Studies have already shown how images increase your social media reach. If you need resources for places to find high-quality images, I’ve got you covered:

  • Pixabay – free to use stock photos
  • Rawpixel – free high resolution images
  • Canva – a free tool for editing and creating images/infographics.


2. Add keywords to Your Profiles and Posts

Social media platforms have search engines much like Google that utilize keywords and phrases to organize and understand content. If you want people to see your posts and profiles on search engines and inside the platforms, you should start using more keywords.

For example, Otte I found on Twitter when was looking for fashion online store in New York.


What is your business known for, and what do you sell? Try incorporating words and phrases associated with your business and industry. If you need help figuring out which keywords to use, I recommend checking out Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush as tools that can give you examples of keywords in your industry.

3. Promote Content From your Blog

Let’s say you made all of your social profiles and you doctored them up with a profile picture and a sweet bio. Now what? What are you going to post? You can’t just start posting constant advertisements about your products as that will turn people away.

No, you have to offer them something in exchange for their time. Content would be great, but you’re going to need a platform to produce said content. That’s where your blog comes in. I’m a big proponent of the view that every business needs a blog, because it’s true.

If you produce valuable and engaging content and promote it on social media, you create a well-oiled machine that brings people closer to your brand and ultimately convert them into loyal customers.

4. Perform A/B Tests on Headlines

I know what you’re thinking: A/B Tests Are Not Simple or Easy.

Maybe in the past, but these days you can easily perform an A/B test on social media. Let’s say you have two headlines you want to use for your blog post, but you don’t know which one will resonate with people better.

You create two posts linking to the same piece of content on your website. Post them within an hour or two of each other on something fast moving like Twitter. Measure the engagement, and the better result shows you which headline is going to work best on your other platforms. Simple!

5. Start Using Social Media Tracking Tools

You can’t improve your content until you know how it’s performing. You need to answer these major questions about your social media:

  • How much traffic is coming to your site from social media?
  • Which platforms are sending the most visitors?
  • What type of content is working best?


All of these questions can be answered with one of the many social media tracking tools out there.

6. Post Less

There’s a misconception that posting more will result in more engagement. This isn’t necessarily the case according to a study done by Hubspot. The problem is that posting constantly leaves you with a schedule that you can’t realistically maintain through the long-term.

Instead of trying to post as much as possible, consider posting on a more steady schedule and plan out your strategy instead of putting up new content every time it arises. This is going to be a situation of trial and error, but you shouldn’t assume that posting a ton is going to immediately increase engagement.

7. Ask More Questions of Your Audience

Great content should be the catalyst for discussion, but oftentimes businesses will miss out on this crucial step in the process. At the end of your posts and especially when you post on social media, ask your audience a question.

It’s so simple, but when you include them in your discussion, you’ll start to see conversions happening in the comments and you’ll have opportunities to further that discussion with your followers. So, next time you post on one of your profiles, frame it with a question to stir conversation.

8. Stay Positive

Being positive on social media gets you a lot further than being negative. If you’re taking a positive approach to your content and your updates, you’ll notice far more results. It’s not hard to implement either. You just need to use things like exclamation points, positive vocabulary and pair those things with bright and happy images.


9. Tell a Story

People are driven by emotion, which is why brands are embracing storytelling on social media. Telling a story is the quickest way to humanize your brand and help your audience connect with your product and your message.

You don’t need to be a master writer, you just need to tell stories that allow your audience to imagine themselves as the main character. Make them relevant and relatable for the best results.

10. Curate Content From Others

In addition to using your own content, you can also keep things interesting and engaging by curating content from other sources. Not only does this provide additional content for your readers, but it also gives you more room and time to work on your own posts.

Everyone wins, and you even get opportunities to network with other influencers in your industry. Think of it like endorsing someone else’s work to better your brand and enrich your audience.

Final Thoughts

Increasing the quality of your social media content isn’t difficult, especially when you know all the little ways it can be done without too much effort. How do you ensure maximum engagement with your social media content? Let us know in the comments!

About the Author:
Mona Clark is a veteran blogger and a social media marketer with over a decade of experience.

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