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5 Interactive Newsletter Examples: Boost Your Click Rates at Least 2X

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In recent years, marketers and media professionals have talked a lot about newsletter best practices and interactive content online. Businesses have invested in video banners, online quizzes, social media content, and other similar interactive elements.

Email has more limits than websites and many things are impossible to develop inside email because of the different parameters.

However, the email marketing industry is continually looking for solutions to help businesses. This includes going beyond simple links and static images in their designs.

To address the limitations of email, Omnisend’s email builder makes it easy to embed various content blocks into a template.

This essentially gives you unlimited opportunities to pursue all your interactive newsletter ideas. For example, you can add a Gift Box, a GIF, and practically any HTML feature.

Arguably one of the most engaging elements you can add is the Scratch Card. We analyzed the performance of this feature over twelve months and rounded up the results below.

What Is a Scratch Card?

A Scratch Card is an email element that imitates lottery cards and invites subscribers to scratch and reveal prizes.  

The feature is simple—you drag and drop a Scratch Card content block into your email template layout. Then, you simply set up the rules. 

Your giveaways can include anything from discounts to gifts from your store. They are then distributed among your subscribers randomly, according to your rules.

Results of the Feature in the First 12 Months

After 1,500 Omnisend clients tried Scratch Cards, we examined their click rates. The results show that they seem handy for online retailers—especially those with small click rates.

Comparing these results with former Omnisend email marketing research, a Scratch Card can significantly improve your email campaign’s results.


3.82% is the average click rate for ecommerce stores in an analysis of email marketing results for 15,000 online stores in 2015. Meanwhile, the average click rate was 6.59% for 1,500 email campaigns sent since the Scratch Card was launched.

Analyzing the data, I have also noticed that increased engagement with a newsletter doubles the average conversion rate.


It’s also interesting to take a closer look at particular online retailers.

Seeing how they use Scratch Cards in the wild helps to compare their email campaigns’ performance—that of campaigns with and without Scratch Cards.

5 Interactive Newsletter Examples with Scratch Cards

#1: The Holy Black


The Holy Black is a fast-growing online store that sells grooming and shaving products for men. Part of their email marketing has involved trying Scratch Cards several times.

In this template, The Holy Black used a high-quality image of the products and an invitation to win a discount code or a prize.

This online store has a healthy email list with engaged subscribers. The average click rate for newsletters is over 7%, and the conversion rate balances around 0.4-0.6%. 

However, this email with a Scratch Card inside received a 14.64% click rate and a 0.8% conversion rate.

#2: Bargain Bows

Bargain Bows sells accessories and apparel. It also has a great example of how Scratch Cards can be used within newsletters.

Bargain Bows email marketers opted to included a Scratch Card at the top of the template. This way, the subscriber could take two things from the email.

First, entertain themselves right away and get a discount. Second, they could use the discount for the personalized product recommendations showcased afterward.

This email had a six times bigger click rate and a 4.5 times greater conversion rate than average email campaigns sent by the online store.

#3: Cover Me Ponchos


Cover Me Ponchos sells colorful ponchos. Their newsletters are spoken in the voice of the owner, Mariah, and most of the time present a clear, minimalistic design.

In this case, they chose a template layout opposite to The Bargain Bows’. First, a new fall line was introduced to subscribers, and then came the lottery for discounts.

This email had a 9.6% click rate and a four times greater conversion rate than average email campaigns sent by this store. 

The number of recipients and the campaign results for Bargain Bows and Cover Me Ponchos are fairly similar. Thanks to this, it seems that there is not a large difference between layouts whether the scratch card or the product listing go first.

#4: Street Fighterz


Street Fighterz sells apparel such as T-shirts and hoodies. The click and conversion rates for this store match the ecommerce email marketing average.

However, the following campaign stands out thanks to one interesting question—can you have too much of an interactive good thing?

Street Fighterz used two interactive elements—a video and a Scratch Card—in one email. Both usually boost click rates. However, this raises the question of how those clicks were distributed when the elements were next to each other in an email. 

Omnisend provides clients with a detailed Click Map, so we can see the hot spots of subscribers’ interest and what they clicked on most. Using this, we can examine how Street Fighterz’s customers interacted with the email above.

Clearly, the Scratch Card received many more clicks (70%) than the video content block (15%). However, the video was still a magnet for clicks, getting more than the products. 

This suggests that putting two highly clickable blocks right next to each other was not the best idea. They competed and did not receive as much attention as they could have alone. 

This example showcases that it would be wise to use two different campaigns with these elements in the future. Separating these interactive elements could yield better results.

#5: Sashka | Co


Sashka | Co also sells accessories, aimed at young female audiences. Usually, their newsletters contain big, high-quality images, and lists of products.

However, this time the brand opted for a uniform color scheme and simple style. Thanks to this, the newsletter looked totally different.

Scratch Card Alternatives for Your Email Newsletter

Scratch cards aren’t the only high-performing interactive elements you can embed into your template. Here are some interactive newsletter ideas for you to consider: 

Gift Box

The Gift Box is an animated present that you can easily embed into your email newsletter. Just like a physical present, seeing a delicately wrapped box incites feelings of excitement over what’s inside. 

However, in this case, a simple click is all it would take to discover what’s inside. Because it piques the recipient’s curiosity, this simple piece of interactive content can easily get your click rates to skyrocket.

Let’s explore how you can use this in your email newsletter templates.


The Gift Box feature is technically a GIF. However, there are plenty of other ways you can use this type of graphic. Just like anywhere else on the web, GIFs create more interest than a static image. 

When you add a GIF to your email template, it can serve plenty of purposes. For example, they can be a fun way to tell stories or feature new products, and appeal to your customers’ emotions.

Here’s an excellent example from the meditation app Headspace.

The Headspace brand is already known for being bright and cheerful. But ultimately, it is the animation that generates an emotional connection. 

An image might convey the message well enough, but it would not be as relatable without seeing the contrast of movements the GIF provides.

After all, it showcases itself well with the calm main character contrasting their chaotic surroundings.

Clickable Elements

There are few better ways to increase click rates than to add interesting things to click on. When adding content blocks to your email newsletter, you’re not limited to links and buttons. 

You can embed several engaging elements in emails. This can range from a menu your customers can select from to a survey that they can engage with.

Quizzes are also excellent for boosting engagement. The personal care company Harry’s created one for this very reason.


The ability to add HTML code as a content block enables even non-coders to design and create practically any type of email newsletter.

One of the best ways to use this to create more engaging email templates is to add a countdown timer.

For example, DataCamp creates a sense of urgency by adding a countdown timer for an offer.

Wrap Up

Online retailers must meet many challenges. These include being original, offering something interesting, and striving to make every email campaign special every time. 

That is why looking for new interactive content opportunities is an endless task. One prime example of exciting new interactive content is with a Scratch Card, or a Gift Box, or even clickable elements.

Any of these would be worth considering for your next email newsletter. 

The decision to embed more engaging elements might be just what you need to boost your click rates. Ultimately, this will lead to a stimulation of revenue and the overall growth of your business.

Omnisend offers you all of these interactive content elements and more. To try them for yourself, try the free Omnisend trial for 14 days.

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