Our Analysis of 229 Million BFCM Emails Shows That Less Is More
We analyzed more than 229M emails to look at the most popular BFCM email subject lines, phrases, and discounts used in emails, plus much more.
5 Ways to Use SMS with Your Holiday Promotions This Year
If you want to maximize your sales this busy season you need to include holiday SMS promotions into your marketing strategy—and here’s how.
9 Easy and Effective Holiday Newsletter Ideas
These are my holiday newsletter ideas that will help you build customer relationships, increase engagement, and boost sales.
Tips for shipping success during the 2021 holiday season
Your shipping strategy for the holiday season needs to be dynamic and responsive. We’ve got some proactive measures you can take.
Why Merchants Should Prioritize Digital Channels and First-Party Data
Jason Goldberg, Chief Commerce Strategy Officer of Publicis, discusses the future of privacy laws and the importance of first-party data.
Omnisend named a BigCommerce Elite Technology Partner
Omnisend is is one of only two email service providers chosen by BigCommerce as an Elite Technology Partner.
SMS Marketing for Ecommerce
SMS marketing 101: examples, best practices and how to start
SMS marketing ideas, strategies and best practices to reach your customers. Find everything you need to create an SMS marketing plan.
‘Doing Good’ and Marketing With a Purpose
Harry Cunningham, VP of Retail Brand Experience for Vera Bradley & goodMRKT, talks us through 'doing good' and authentic cause marketing.
35 Best Holiday Email Subject Lines And The Most Popular Emojis
We have analyzed the most common words, and discounts that contributed to the best opens. Carry on reading & learn from the best holiday email subject lines
The Best Christmas Email Subject Lines to Supercharge Your Holiday Campaigns
Subject lines are crucial for email campaigns. Check out our findings from holidays 2019 & craft your Christmas email subject lines with better open rates!
Email marketing holiday calendar
2022 Email Marketing Event/Holiday Calendar
Planning your 2022 email marketing strategy for holidays and events keeps your ecommerce business steps ahead. Find the full year calendar here.
Facebook Advertising for BFCM
7 Tips for Effective Facebook Advertising Campaigns for BFCM
Use these 7 tips for effective Facebook advertising campaigns to ensure your BFCM is a success in terms of both sales and new customers.
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