iOS Updates

Data shows user adoption rates for iOS 15 privacy features
iOS 15 was released recently, and Omnisend's customer data shows that within two days nearly 7% of users have updated & turned on Mail Privacy Protection
Your post-iOS 15 Black Friday plan for success
Just because iOS 15 will make open rates unreliable, that doesn't mean your BFCM plans are ruined. Find out how to prepare for BFCM in a post-IOS 15 world.
How iOS 15 will impact holiday promo planning
iOS 15 will impact your promo planning. You'll need to consider it as you develop marketing strategies. We explore how to approach iOS 15 holiday planning.
How to optimize messages for clicks in a post-iOS 15 world
After iOS 15, you should focus on how to improve your CTR. To help you change your email marketing strategy, we explore how to optimize message for clicks.
Experts: iOS 15 is a “Wake up call for email marketers”
Email marketing experts from Litmus and Common Thread Collective talk iOS 15 updates, pivots, opportunities, and even more privacy changes in the future.
How to adapt to iOS 15 updates affecting email marketing
The new iOS 15 updates will impact email marketing as users will be able to stop open tracking. Find out what you can do to adapt to these changes now.
10 tips to improve deliverability & list cleaning after iOS 15
One of the biggest impacts of the iOS 15 update will be deliverability and list cleaning. Get the top 10 tips for how you can improve that before the fall
Top segments to implement before & after iOS 15
The iOS 15 update will impact email marketing, including segmentation. We explore the top segments you should focus on to prepare for the iOS 15 update.
The iOS 15 beta walkthrough for email marketers
Want to know what iOS 15 will bring? Check out our screen-by-screen walkthrough as we focus on the features most likely to impact email marketers
iOS 15’s impact on email marketing: A letter from Omnisend
iOS 15 will end the era of the email marketing open rate. See how Omnisend CEO Rytis Lauris views the future of ecommerce marketing now that opens are dead.
The most important iOS 15 FAQs for email marketers
Apple's upcoming iOS 15 update have a lot of marketers confused, with email open rates being killed off. Get the answers to the most important iOS 15 FAQs.
Opens are dead: Here are the metrics that matter
With the iOS 15 update, open rates will be history. Considering this, we look at what remaining metrics matter for ecommerce marketing, and how to use them.
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