Omnichannel Marketing

How to Turn One-Time Shoppers into Subscription Customers
Customer retention is one of the most important aspects of an ecommerce subscription service. But how can you move one-time buyers into lifelong customers?
Integrated marketing campaigns
Integrated Marketing Campaigns: Everything You Need to Know (+Examples)
Combining efficiently many channels for your ecommerce business is essential for its success. Find here everything about integrated marketing campaigns.
Cart Abandonment in google analytics
A Guide To Lowering Your Cart Abandonment Rate with Google Analytics
Tracking cart abandonment rates in google analytics is essential to measure your ecommerce business growth and success. Find out here how and why.
Customer Segmentation Examples for Ecommerce
4 Customer Segmentation Examples for Ecommerce
When thinking about the first steps of marketing to an audience, considering different customer segmentation examples helps. We explore each type in detail.
Customer Lifecycle Stages
Customer Lifecycle Stages: How to Engage with Customers at Each Step
Understanding the customer lifecycle stages is vital when considering your marketing. We examine each stage and how to engage with customers during them.
The Top 7 Food Ecommerce Trends (and What to Learn From Them) in 2021
Customers have come to rely on online shopping—and those in food ecommerce are embracing new trends to keep up. We explore & explain these trends.
ecommerce advertising blog cover
The 6 Best Ecommerce Advertising Strategies for 2021
Ecommerce advertising covers several channels and strategies. Here's how to do it effectively, plus six clear strategies for your online store.
Retention Marketing: Why It’s Important for Ecommerce
Retention Marketing: Why It’s Important for Ecommerce (+5 Tips for Getting It Right)
Retention marketing: how can you keep your customers coming back for more? Why it's important for ecommerce (plus 5 tips on getting it right!)
Cross-Selling for Ecommerce
How to Cross-Sell Retail Products
Cross-selling by offering complementary products is a great way to proactively retain customers and drive greater ecommerce sales. Where do you start with cross-selling, what products should you propose, and when should you propose them?
Conversational Commerce: What It Is and How to Use It (+4 Examples)
Conversational commerce helps ecommerce businesses talk to their customers while they're shopping. Find the best examples and techniques for your business.
The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Commerce
The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Commerce for Better Sales
Mobile commerce or m-commerce is a necessity for online stores today. Here's a full guide to getting started in m-commerce with easy tips to follow.
A Quick Guide to Web Push Notifications
Web Push Notifications 101: How to Use Notifications to Boost Your Sales
Let's take a quick look at how web push notifications can help boost your ecommerce store & how you can include it in your omnichannel marketing strategy.