Omnichannel Marketing

10 businesses with the best loyalty programs
These businesses offer the best loyalty programs (updated for 2022) that you can to inspire your own ecommerce loyalty program.
10 customer retention strategies that actually work
If you want to make sure your ecommerce store succeeds, you need these 10 customer retention strategies to keep your customers & boost sales.
What is DTC marketing? Tips, strategies, and examples
DTC marketing is becoming more and more popular. Find out what it is and the strategies you should to succeed in DTC marketing and sales.
What is retail marketing? Strategies, types, and examples
Retail marketing involves all of the ways a business acquires customers and gets those customers to buy their goods and services.
5 email campaign ideas for your post-holiday sales
Got leftover inventory? Here are the 5 best ways to get some great sales, even after the BFCM and winter holiday period is over.
Facebook ads for the holidays with 3 examples you can steal
Facebook is still the go-to for ecommerce marketers. Find out the best Facebook ads for the holidays, including 3 examples you need to use
Automated text messages: definition, examples, and tips
Automated text messages are really powerful marketing tools. But to fully use them, you'll need these examples & tips.
How to communicate shipping delays
The pandemic and global container crisis mean shipping delays are the norm. Find out communication strategies to keep your customers happy.
What is omnichannel marketing? Examples & tips for ecommerce
We explain omnichannel marketing and how it differs from multichannel marketing, along with tips and examples for implementing a strategy.
5 ways to use SMS with your holiday promotions this year
If you want to maximize your sales this busy season you need to include holiday SMS promotions into your marketing strategy—and here’s how.
SMS marketing 101: examples, best practices and how to start
SMS marketing ideas, strategies and best practices to reach your customers. Find everything you need to create an SMS marketing plan.
How to Identify High-Risk Customers and Reduce Churn
Sustainable businesses need to identify customers that cease engagement and create strategies to reduce churn. We explore how to reduce customer churn.
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