Facebook Advertising for BFCM
7 Tips for Effective Facebook Advertising Campaigns for BFCM
Use these 7 tips for effective Facebook advertising campaigns to ensure your BFCM is a success in terms of both sales and new customers.
Omnisend Partner Program helps agency serve clients better and faster
The Omnisend Partner Program is helping Effigy Agency more quickly fill clients' marketing gaps with technical tools and one-on-one support.
Managing Risk Aversion and Accepting Failure
Phillip Jackson, CCO of Rightpoint, talks to us about handling risk aversion, learning from mistakes, and overcoming challenges with the right research.
The Elements of a Perfect Ecommerce Post-Click Experience
Create the perfect ecommerce post-click experience by creating specific landing pages that remove distractions and carries on the message from your ad.
Getting Popup Timing Right for Maximum Opt-in Rates
Popups encourage customers to engage with and purchase from your store. However, you need to nail your popup timing to avoid customer irritation.
How a Great Plan Can Prepare You for the Worst
Helen Trendell, Co-Founder & Managing Director of ThoughtShift, discusses proactive planning, honing strategic visions, and adapting to shifting metrics.
Small Changes Today to Increase Growth Tomorrow
Lucas Walker talks us through ecommerce podcasts, adapting to an ever-changing industry, and how small changes lead to an increase in growth.
The 5 Most Important Ecommerce Reports to Act Upon
With ecommerce reporting, you gain insights that allow you to act decisively with data-driven confidence. We explore how to work with and use these reports.
Product Returns: How to Nail Them
Merchants should strive to make return processes simple for their customers. We explore what you need to know about product returns.
How to Identify High-Risk Customers and Reduce Churn
Sustainable businesses need to identify customers that cease engagement and create strategies to reduce churn. We explore how to reduce customer churn.
Long-Term Strategies for Sustainable Growth
Branden Moskwa talks us through long-term strategies for sustainable growth, overcoming mistakes, and handling everything that goes into digital marketing.
Differentiate Your Brand: Why You Need to Stand Out to Succeed
Chad Rubin explores differentiating your brand, adapting to common mistakes, and knowing how to engage with your audience—both before and during engagement.