It’s quite rare for a shopper to arrive on your site for the first time and immediately make a purchase. Turning visitors into paying customers takes effort and that effort must start with engaging your traffic.

So why do we continue to spend all of this time, effort, and money on driving traffic to our site with little to no focus on actively converting these visitors? We’ve been doing it all wrong!

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Why On-Site Marketing and Engagement is Important

Let’s start off with some numbers:

Converting traffic is a difficult task so make it easier for yourself. In order to drive engagement, you have to engage your visitors. If you owned a brick and mortar store, you wouldn’t let someone walk through the door and then not say anything to them during their visit. Engage ecommerce shoppers in the most effective ways to drive action.

How to properly engage your shoppers

Pop Ups


When you’re engaging shoppers, there are a few things that work very well. First, you must grab the attention of a visitor. Second, your marketing message must be accessible and highly visible. Lastly, you must provide a strong call to action. Pop ups hit on these three keys providing you with the perfect solution to drive shopper engagement and website conversions.

The beautiful thing about using pop ups is the versatility. You can use pop ups for email capture, to drive traffic to key areas of your website, or to notify shoppers of ongoing promotions. Pair this with a branded design and you’ve got the ultimate website engagement tool.

Notification Bar


Want to display a marketing message on every page of your website? It’s easy with a notification bar. Craft a message that you’d like to display across your site and place it in a subtle, yet visible bar that sits at the top or bottom of your site. This ensures that your message is getting seen by the majority of visitors, regardless of which page they land on.

Common messages to display with a notification bar are current sales promotions, shipping thresholds (Free shipping on orders of $75+), and even a call to action for a specific landing page. This gives you the ability to drive traffic to clearance pages, special collections, and even product pages.

Slide-in Email Signup Form

For a slightly less obtrusive way to engage shoppers on your website, a slide-in email form is your best bet. This still puts your call to action in a visible area on your site but still allows visitors to perform actions.

For example, a slide-in sign up form on your blog would engage readers but also allow the visitor to continue to read the particular piece of content. How it works we can see even in this article! Don’t forget to subscribe! :)

Remember, one of the reason pop ups are so effective at driving action is because they interrupt and grab the attention of the visitor.

Slide-in forms are a great alternative to pop ups for certain parts of your website. Consider using a slide-in email signup form on your blog, product pages, and pages with heavy text.

Exit Intent Offers

We discussed this earlier, but a large portion of shoppers are going to leave your website without subscribing to your newsletter or making a purchase. It’s this reason that you need something in place that specifically aims to convert these leaving shoppers. Exit intent offers give you one last shot at converting a shopper into an email lead or sale.

Exit intent technology senses the exact moment when a shopper decides to leave your website and presents a pop up with messaging urging them to take an action. Using targeted copy like “Before you go” and “Wait, don’t leave” can help grab a shopper’s attention and get them to take the desired action.

You may like these 20 examples of exit-intent popups.

Tactics to Drive Engagement and Sales in Ecommerce

Increase Email Capture with a Contest


Out of all list building tactics out there, nothing works better than a contest. Present shoppers with the opportunity to win a big ticket item by simply entering their email address. This type of offer is universally attractive and will enable you to convert high percentages of traffic into email subscribers.

Use a contest to engage new traffic within the first 15 seconds of their visit. This will ensure that the majority of traffic will see the contest offer and provides the best possible way to convert new visitors on your site.

One key thing to remember is to use a contest item that your ideal customer would be interested in. That way, you’re acquiring email leads that would be interested in purchasing from you in the future.

Fulfill Shopper’s Needs with Discounts and Free Shipping

Most purchasing decisions hinge on price and shipping options. Did you know, 73% of online shoppers stated that free shipping is the #1 criterion for making a purchase? When shopper’s needs aren’t met, they will go to competitors and find a retailer that will provide the added value that they are looking for. Instead of losing business to competitors, fulfill those shopper needs on your own site.

Present shoppers with an ecommerce promotion that works for your business. If you have slim profit margins, then offer small 5% discount. If you can only offer free shipping on bigger orders, then only offer free shipping on orders of $100 or more. Ecommerce promotions are effective sales tools but only if they are mutually beneficial to the retailer and customer.

Reduce Cart Abandonment with Exit Offers


Yes, 68% of shopping carts are abandoned. While we can view this as a problem, let’s flip the script and view it as an opportunity. There are a number of reasons that shopping cart abandonment occurs but it boils down to shopper’s needs not being met. Rather than let cart abandonment occur, prevent it from ever occurring.

Exit intent technology pinpoints the exact moment when shopping cart abandonment occurs and presents an attractive offer to drive a sale. When a shopper gets this far in the purchasing process, sometimes they just need an extra nudge with a small discount or free shipping.

The main goal is driving a sale so simply give them a promo code. This eliminates barriers and streamlines the process of receiving value and making a purchase for the customer.

Key Takeaways

Traffic doesn’t equal sales

Driving traffic is an absolute necessity in ecommerce but it doesn’t automatically result in more sales. Pair your traffic strategy with a conversion strategy that makes sense. Use incentives, catchy copy, and eye-popping imagery to get shoppers to convert into new subscribers and customers. Converting a higher percentage of traffic will increase sales and boost ROI from paid traffic campaigns.

Engage Shoppers in Different Ways

Whether it’s through pop ups, a signup bar, or exit offers, you have a variety of ways to interact and engage shoppers. Experiment with how you are delivering your message or promotion to visitors and see what works for you.

Even though we’ve discussed using ecommerce promotions heavily, some of these tactics just aren’t feasible for certain businesses. If that’s the case, you can still engage shoppers in different ways. Simply ask for an email or drive traffic to your clearance section. By simply engaging shoppers, you can still drive ecommerce conversions!

Engage with a Purpose

What are you trying to accomplish with traffic on your site? Ultimately, the main goal is to convert more sales but get a bit more strategic with it. Have goals like convert new visitors into email subscribers, drive repeat purchases with free shipping promotions, or decrease cart abandonment with exit offers.

Even look to run ecommerce promotions on key sales dates. By focusing on key segments of visitors and goals, you can create a more effective on-site engagement strategy.

There are enough aspects of ecommerce that you can’t control but on-site engagement and website conversion doesn’t have doesn’t have to be one of them. Take action with pop ups, ecommerce promotions, and on-site cart abandonment offers. By engaging shoppers at key points with a conversion-oriented marketing message, you’ll convert more sales and see the true value of on-site marketing.

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