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Since 2005, the US has seen over 10 billion data breaches take place. This study has revealed the US companies and States that have had the largest number of data breaches across America.

Making up the biggest portion was a 2016 breach of Yahoo! where over 3 billion pieces of data were leaked. At the time it ranked as the biggest data breach in history.

Housing some of the largest companies in the world, California saw the most data breaches by state with a total of over 5,750,000,000 data breaches. This alone made up for 56% of America’s total cases from 2005 to 2019.

With regulations developing and often differing across States, it pays off to know where your data is most likely to be safe. Especially for those building their businesses in the tech and email marketing industry.

Data methodology

10 billion records lost to data breaches in the USA over 14 years.This tool visualises the location and severity of over 9,000 individual data breaches collected between 2005 and 2019. Severity was measured by counting the ‘total number of records’ lost per breach; the more documents, files, and single units of data lost, the more people were affected, and the larger the red circle appears on the map. The bar chart race below shows which states and types of organisations were most affected, and what was the cause of the breach.  In total, over 10 billion records were lost to data breaches over these 14 years, equivalent to 30 records for each person in the USA. (Data available from

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