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Omnisend has just launched “A Guide to Ecommerce Email Marketing for Small Businesses“.

This comprehensive publication covers all the parts of promotional newsletters, the best time for them, introduction to email automation and many other must-know things for small online business owners.

Guide material is mainly based on Omnisend experience and primary data from our customers, Email Lab experiments. However, we have invited to contribute a few competent authors – Grant Thomas, marketing manager and strategist of driving and converting website traffic at Justuno and Sujan Patel, growth & content marketer and co-founder of Mailshake & Web Profits. So big thanks to them!

Content of Ecommerce Email Marketing Guide

This ecommerce email marketing guide will lead you through the process and help you understand what is important in email communication and how to set up a high converting email chain for your customers. It will also provide you with actionable tips, statistics, case studies, and recommended sources—and, in some cases, even ready-made solutions.

It consists of five parts:

Part I – Email List Building and Traffic Conversion: The Means and Conditions for Successful Growth

Part II – Email Marketing Automation: What Emails Should Be Sent Automatically and Why

Part III – Ecommerce Email Anatomy: How to Make the Main Email Components Right

Part IV – Promotional Email Design: How to Build a Professional-Looking Email Without an Email Designer

Part V – Time to Email: Insights on the Best Sending Time in Different Countries

Why did Omnisend take so much care with this ecommerce email marketing guide?

The reason is simple. Currently, the number of retailers that benefit from ecommerce email marketing is still small. When we see how our clients greatly succeed from using their basic business data, we want to help those who are not yet reaping the fruits of their labor.

We want to encourage retailers to take advantage of the basic data that every business has and send emails that are relevant to customers, thereby generating profit.

We hope that you will find our guide helpful in your everyday email marketing activities!


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