Three weeks left until Black Friday, which marks the start of holiday shopping season, but the most dedicated sales hunters are already trying to find out what deals their favorite stores will be offering.

Holiday season is almost here and it promises big opportunities to online stores like yours. For retailers, it’s the most profitable time of a year, as consumer spending increases.

According to eMarketer’s estimates, in US e-commerce sales will grow 16.6% this holiday season, up from 15.3% rise last year. The trend is clear: more people do their holiday shopping online.

Great! Plan your email marketing campaigns to turn it into success to your store.

But why email marketing sprint? Usually it’s a marathon

As well noticed by eMarketer again, this year the period from Black Friday to Christmas Eve is shorter than usual. It means, people will have less days for holiday shopping. For you, as an online store owner, it will be shorter, but intense and busy period, so get ready to sprint!


Here’s how email marketing can help you get the most out of holiday season:

Offer special Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts

People already start to search for gifts and are willing to open their wallets for best deals. Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales is a perfect time to buy for less. Create some great deals and spread the word out with email newsletters.

You can create exclusive offers for subscribers only. Disclose only the best deals in your newsletter and encourage to find more on your store. This way recipients will be intrigued and will actually visit your store.

Turn abandoned carts into orders

When your website’s traffic increases during the holiday shopping season, it is typical that more people will add items to the cart, but won’t make a purchase. That’s natural. People are exploring alternatives, as a lot of different products can fall under “gift” category.

They may really like you product and even imagine it beautifully wrapped and put under the Christmas tree, but curiosity wins – he or she leaves your store to see what other retailers have to offer. Your product sadly stays in the abandoned cart. But you can change that. Well, cart recovery emails can, actually.

Cart Recovery emails are sent when shoppers leave your store without completing the order. Soon an email pops into shopper’s inbox and reminds the items left in cart, encouraging to buy it now, while it’s still in stock.

Omnisend can help you with that Cart Recovery feature that will win back up to 20% abandoned carts (for Shopify and Oxid stores only).

Re-send newsletters to those who didn’t opened

Don’t be afraid to re-send newsletters to recipients who didn’t open it the first time. People receive A LOT of promotional emails this time of a year, so it’s not a surprise that they don’t read all of them.

But the fact that recipient didn’t see your newsletter doesn’t mean that he or she won’t be interested with the offer inside. Give those non-openers a second chance and re-send the newsletter with different subject line. Looks like a lot of work? Newsletter Booster will get it done for you.

So, what are your plans for holiday season email marketing?

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