While developing Omnisend (previously Soundest) we have always tried to learn something new related to email marketing (and still do). Our team read numerous blogs, follow experts on social media to find and share new insights.

That’s why we would like to share the list of 99 really useful ecommerce email marketing resources we have found on the web. 

Everyone should find something useful here, regardless of their level of expertise. This list is a must read if you match at least one rule below:

  • You are new to email marketing and want to know “What is email marketing?”
  • You are not sure if email marketing is right for you;
  • You own online shop and want to know how to drive traffic and increase sales;
  • You own a blog or other website and want to increase traffic;
  • You are already doing email marketing and want to improve.

Due to length of the list we have split it into 2 parts. P.S. All email marketing resources are divided into categories:

  • For those who don’t believe in email marketing
  • Email marketing basics
  • How to grow your mailing list (using social media, popups, landing pages, etc.)
  • How to get your newsletter opened and clicked (best email subject lines and email preheaders, timing, call-to-actions, etc.)
  • How to increase online sales with email marketing (segmentation, best performing offers, etc.)
  • How to avoid spam filters (what are spam filters, email deliverability, etc.)
  • Cool email marketing campaigns / design (+ a lot of Pinterest boards with actual examples)
  • Email marketing metrics (what metrics are the most important)
  • Legal side of email marketing (what is CAN-SPAM and other anti-spam laws)
  • Other resources (Infographics, awesome stats, etc.)
  • Email marketing fails
  • 2 funny bonuses.

Fun fact! All these resources combined contain 1600+ email marketing tips!


For those who don’t believe in email marketing


1. The Cockroach of the Internet. For those who say that email marketing is dead, Rebecca Odes replies “no”. It’s funny how she compared email marketing to the cockroach of the internet, but it’s actually very true.

2. MUST READ – A Guide to Ecommerce Email Marketing for Small businesses – If you own e-commerce website – then you should definitely read this.

3. Why Email Marketing is the Key to Ecommerce Success  – Mark Macdonald’s blog post is another “must read” for online shop owners who are not convinced with perks of email campaigns.

4. 3 reasons why email marketing is the King of ROI. Let’s speak about numbers. Aaron Zakowski gives great insights about return on investment of email marketing.

5. MUST READ – Email Marketing delivers the highest ROI. Econsultancy prepared a report which states that email marketing provides the highest ROI (compared to other marketing channels).

6. Must Know Ecommerce Email Marketing Statistics 2016 [Infographic]. Still not convinced? Take a look at these beautiful numbers. They are more than enough to prove that you should start an email campaign right now.

7. 5 Killer Email Marketing Strategies to Increase Ecommerce Sales. Good overview about ecommerce email marketing strategies.

We hope these resources helped you decide to start using email in your marketing campaigns. Let’s move on.


Email marketing basics


7. Email marketing dictionary. Jeanne Hopkins has prepared a great dictionary which contains the definitions you need to know and even more. Don’t get lost in email jungle.


How to grow your email subscribers’ list


8. 10+1 ways of growing your email list via twitter. Jordie Van Rijn shows that email marketing combined with social media is even more powerful tool.

9. 7 easy-to-implement strategies how to use Facebook to grow your email list. Let’s not forget Facebook and use it in you email marketing strategy.

10. Build a Client List with a Pinterest Promotion – and don’t forget Pinterest as well.

11. 17 Ways to Get More Subscribers for Your List. Liz Lockard shares 17 ideas how to grow your email list – including pop-up forms, hello bar, running a contest, Adwords campaign, etc.

12. 16 Badass Strategies for Growing Your Email List (plus a free checklist and 3 bonus hacks). Mariah Coz launched posts about various types of signup forms (welcome gates, scrollboxes, HelloBar, etc.) and few other techniques you should give a try.

13. MUST READ – How Organic Aromas Boosted Newsletter Signups by 150% [Omnisend Email Lab]. The most recent experiment with different signup forms. Find out which pop up performs better.

14. 4 Steps to Building an Email List for Your Ecommerce Business. Specifically for e-commerce. Consider having landing pages, limited time offers, etc. in your strategy.

15. MUST READ – 41 tips how you can grow your email list. BlogTyrant has created a vast list. Some of those tips were already mentioned in articles above, but others are pretty neat and worth your time.

16. Actionable Tips on How to Build Your Email ListFind out the most important reasons you should have and build your email list, with great examples.

How to get your newsletter opened and clicked


17. MUST READ – How to Write the Perfect Email Subject Line. Have you ever hesitated whether to open or not an email just by judging the subject line? Of course you have! Everyone has. That’s why subject lines are very important for email marketing. Oli Gardner from Unbounce gives his thoughts on this topic + shares great Infographic from Litmus.

18. A Promotional Email. 3 Easy Ways To Make It Highly Engaging. In this blog post we ranted about using 3 techniques of interactive email: videos, gifs, and scratch card (which allows you to cheer up subscribers with a fancy interactivity and double or even triple a click rate – by allowing them to “scratch email” and win a lottery. Just like real-life lottery ticket!).

19. 70+ examples of how email preheaders drive opens, René Kulka gives a huge list of examples how preheaders (a.k.a. annotations) can work for you.

20. Call-to-Action Button Copy: How to reduce clickthrough rate by 26%. After subject lines and preheaders are mastered, your next target should be call to action (CTA) buttons. Daniel Burton shares few insights how not to screw up clickthrough rate.

21. The Ultimate Guide to Email Image Blocking. Another great email marketing resource from Litmus (these guys always give really good insights – they are one of our favorites). This blog post was originally posted before Gmail introduced automatic download of images. But you should have in mind, that Outlook still requires manual actions to view images of newsletters. That’s where ALT tags and “bulletproof” buttons come in handy. Every time you add a picture add ALT text as well. Omnisend templates already have bulletproof buttons, so we got you covered here.

22. 37 Tips for Writing Emails that Get Opened, Read, and Clicked. Solid list of 37 tips related to copywriting.

23. Perfect Timing: The Very Best Time to Send Email Newsletters – What is the best time to send? Short answer – it depends on your audience. Read this post and find out details.

24. MUST READ – 557 email subject line hacks to get you noticed in the inbox. Crazy Egg posted a huge list of tips how to increase your open rate (it’s a collection of various blog posts with actionable tips).


How to increase sales with email marketing


25. Email segmentation and targeting options blog post is about learning from 6 layered targeting options used by online retailers. They can be applied to any business.

26. MUST READ – Why List Segmentation Matters in Email Marketing – Remember: your subscribers aren’t all the same. You should treat them differently and offer different content/offers/etc.

27. 10 case studies that show the power of email segmentation – real examples are the best way to learn. Econsultancy give 10 case studies where segmentation saved the day.

28. 27 Ways to Slice & Dice Your Email List for Better Segmentation – still not enough segmentation ideas? How about 27?


How to save your newsletter from Spam folder


29. What is spam? In case you don’t know spam (although we doubt it) – read this short description.

30. Email Marketing: All That Sizzles Is Not Spam [Infographic] – In this infographic, Leadpages compared the attributes of spam and legitimate email marketing. They illustrated how spam is an offensive intrusion, while the other is a welcome interaction (with high business ROI).

31. Email Deliverability Terms You Need To Know – The most common email deliverability terms and definitions to keep you updated and moving forward onto your next marketing campaign.

32. Avoiding Spam Filters. Alex Griffis wrote a helpful post with tips to preventing your email from being marked as spam.


33. A Marketer’s Guide to Getting Past Email Spam Filters – No matter how legitimate of an email marketer you are, there are a host of things you may not even know about that can prevent your email from ever reaching someone’s inbox.

34. MUST WATCH – All About Deliverability: Webinar with Al Iverson [Webinar] – In this webinar on email delivery Al Iverson explains how spam filtering has evolved from a content-based system to one that weighs dozens of factors, often without human oversight

35. Check if your domain is blacklisted.

This list is split into 2 parts. The next part will cover:

  • Cool email marketing campaign ideas/design;
  • Email marketing metrics;
  • Legal stuff – anti-spam policies, CAN SPAM, etc.;
  • Other email marketing resources (uncategorized);
  • Email marketing fails;
  • 2 funny bonuses!

Like what you’re reading so far? Head to the 2nd part of this post and enjoy rest of the email marketing resources for e-commerce. If you want to get full list of 99 e-commerce email marketing resources, subscribe to our mailing list and we’ll send it to you right away.


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