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We’re excited to announce a brand new promotion showing off the best Shopify apps at amazing prices.

We’ve teamed up with some of the best Shopify apps on the market to help you not just sell more to your customers but also build up your brand and word-of-mouth.

So let’s see which apps are getting involved in our new promotion.

10 Best Shopify Apps: Get Omnisend to boost your ecommerce sales


Well, first of all, there’s us—Omnisend. We’re the #1 rated email marketing platform on Shopify for a few good reasons.

Merchants like you find our platform easy to use and great at what we do: convert visitors to your online store, send them the right messages at the right time, and get them to keep buying from you.

Our 2018 roadmap is chock-full of omnichannel features that will help you create a seamless experience for your visitors and customers, meaning more sales and better relationships.

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10 Best Shopify Apps: Get ReferralCandy to boost your ecommerce sales


ReferralCandy has been one of the pioneer referral marketing companies in the ecommerce industry.

They help online brands acquire new customers and retain existing ones by leveraging the power of word-of-mouth and customer loyalty. ReferralCandy has worked with thousands of brands, including Reebok, UniQlo and Tidal, among many others.

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10 Best Shopify Apps: Get Privy to boost your ecommerce sales


Privy can help you grow your email list, reduce cart abandonment, and improve sales with high converting pop-ups and other displays.

You can create and trigger relevant displays based on exit intent, time, scroll, cart size, page URL, source, and more.

You can also get results in minutes with integrations to Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Mailchimp, Klaviyo and dozens of other platforms.

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10 Best Shopify Apps: Get Loox to boost your ecommerce sales


Loox is a photo reviews solution for Shopify stores.

Loox helps over 10,000 merchants collect and display customer reviews with photos to significantly increase conversion and traffic.

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10 Best Shopify Apps: Get Product Upsell by Bold to boost your ecommerce sales

Product Upsell by Bold

Bold Product Upsell allows users to offer relevant add-ons, or upgrade products based on cart content, the total dollar amount in the cart, or even a combination.

You can utilize Smart Upsells, regular Upsells, Cross-sells, and Upsell after checkout to see average order values skyrocket.

Plus, you can create BOGO’s with Product Upsell and Discount together.

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10 Best Shopify Apps: Get Boost Sales by Beeketing to boost your ecommerce sales

Boost Sales by Beeketing

Up-sell and cross-sell higher-valued items or product bundles to increase average order value and boost sales.

Give Boost Sales app a try with a 25% discount right now to skyrocket your revenue with ease.

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10 Best Shopify Apps: Get Shoelace to boost your ecommerce sales


Shoelace combines automated technology with human expertise to deliver the best retargeting strategies for your growing e-commerce store.

They can take care of everything from end-to-end—all you need to do is “approve” their suggestions.

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10 Best Shopify Apps: Get Giftwizard to boost your ecommerce sales


GiftWizard provides merchants with everything they need to manage the sales, marketing and distribution of gift cards and eGifts.

Increase revenue and expand your customer base by enabling gift cards and eGifting on every single Shopify plan.

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10 Best Shopify Apps: Get PriSync to boost your ecommerce sales


Prisync is a competitor tracking application for ecommerce companies.

It helps companies to deal with the fired-up competition in the ecommerce market by tracking the prices, the stock availability of competitors’ products and set dynamic pricing.

This insightful competitive tracking yields the optimum pricing and maximum profit for ecommerce companies.

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10 Best Shopify Apps: Get Trackr by EosCity to boost your ecommerce sales

Trackr by EosCity

This shipping tracking app collects data from 400+ carriers and provides real-time tracking information.

Customers can track their orders and be notified about shipping status updates.

50% OFF for new users or as upgrade for existing monthly payment users. Discount applies automatically.

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12 Best Shopify Apps: Get Firepush to boost your ecommerce sales


Transform your abandoned carts into sales.

Boost return customer traffic and sales by sending Web Push Notifications.

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12 Best Shopify Apps: Get Sixads to boost your ecommerce sales


Sixads.net is an ad exchange platform made for ecommerce merchants like you.

Attract more customers to your online store for FREE by displaying your product ads in partner stores.

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