A great way to build customer loyalty is through regular and personalised communication – you’re already doing this with Omnisend.

Another way to build loyalty is with your own customised loyalty program. Below you’ll find three benefits, some advice and ways to use LoyaltyLion with Omnisend.

Here are three ways a loyalty program can help your business.

1.    Build personal relationships

2.    Stop competing on price with competitors

3.    Create brand advocates


1. Build personal relationships

The first step to building personal relationships is by showing your customers that you understand and value them. This where LoyaltyLion and Omnisend work together.

LoyaltyLion provides you with data on your customers such as order history, site activity, visits, referral information and purchase history. Use this information segment customers and tailor emails to them.

One example is to find the top 20 customers who refer your store the most and thank them for their efforts.  Even if their referrals aren’t successful, they will be seen by hundreds of people on social networks and will increase your store’s SEO – two things you normally pay for, so delight your customers by thanking them.

2. Stop competing on price with competitors

Today it’s easy for discerning shoppers to compare hundreds of prices in a few clicks. If they are just thinking of the products you sell instead of your store and brand, then you will find yourself in a pricing race to the bottom, where large stores like Amazon will win.

Adding a loyalty program stops you from competing on price by giving you another way to differentiate your store: you can offer an enhanced customer experience by connecting with their emotions.

Studies have shown that when a customer makes a purchase it’s highly emotional. LoyaltyLion gives you a way to surprise and delight customers by rewarding them for something that previously went unnoticed. Using LoyaltyLion you can reward signups, visits, referrals and purchases. Every time you reward your customers for their shopping activities you will appeal to their emotional side and start building a connection with them.

As the emotional connection builds, shoppers will see you as more than a collection of products which will strengthen their loyalty.

3. Create Brand Advocates

It’s a mistake to think that your only valuable customers are the ones spending money, in fact, some of your most valuable customers won’t be the ones spending money but generating it. These customers are your brand advocates, they are the ones referring your store to their friends and
family. They’re great for business too as: people are four times more likely to buy when referred by a friend.

LoyaltyLion’s refer-a-friend feature, has a two-way reward system which is proven to be the most effective.

For example, if your customer refers a friend one might earn points and the other a discount off their first purchase. This will work towards both customer acquisition and increasing the loyalty of your existing customers.


Some of these benefits take longer to see than others so we only recommend starting a loyalty program if you’re committed. When you decide to go ahead, make sure the loyalty program becomes a central part of your marketing strategy. Have fun with your program and your customers will too – good luck!

Guest post by Charlie Casey, a co-founder of LoyaltyLion

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