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How to Make Social Commerce the Key to Unlocking Customer Loyalty

Marketing Tips  | March 18, 2019 Guest Post Guest Post

The average US millennial spends more than eleven hours a day consuming media. They’re well versed in moving from one app to another and are ambivalent about which platforms they perform actions on.

As a result, there are more and more digital spaces becoming vital sales channels. Nearly 25% of business owners are selling through Facebook and 40% are using social media to generate sales. Not only does social media influence what people buy, but 30% of customers say they would make a purchase directly through these channels.

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How to Create an Omnichannel Customer Journey

Customers are fickle. They’re demanding- and they want every message they receive to be completely tailored to their wants and needs.

We want our marketing messages to always be relevant. We want to make sure the right message gets to the right person at the right stage of their customer journey.

This is why omnichannel marketing automation is critical to personalizing the customer journey.

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How to Measure Email Marketing Campaign Performance

How to Measure Email Marketing Campaign Performance

Marketing Tips  | March 15, 2019 Guest Post Guest Post

When the first electronic mail was sent back in 1971, the historic moment sparked a revolution that would change the way how we not only communicate but also how we build businesses. It has become an essential tool in the marketing sector, where marketers fully utilize this channel as a direct and cost-effective method to power their acquisition strategies.

It’s not surprising that an email is still a top-performing tool for businesses and with good reason. Your email marketing efforts can reach a wide audience at a relatively low cost compared to other forms of media exposure. An email is also versatile in a way that it brings your brand to consumers through an eclectic mix of graphics, links, and custom text. However, it’s important to note that you have to measure email marketing campaign performance to find out if your efforts are not in vain.

This makes it crucial to understand email marketing data. Here are the important metrics that you should measure to gauge email marketing campaign performance:

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The 9 Best Small Business Email Marketing Software for 2019

Marketing Tips  | February 25, 2019 Whitney Blankenship Whitney Blankenship

At one point or another, every small business needs a tool to help with email marketing. With a market that’s so saturated, it can be quite difficult to weed through all of the tools to find the best one.

But you’re a small business owner, you don’t have time for all that.

So I’ve provided a great list of the top 9 small business email marketing software for you to choose from:

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inspire your marketing team with these 7 TED talks

Inspire Your Marketing Team With These 7 TED Talks

Marketing Tips  | February 20, 2019 Omnisend Team Omnisend Team

As marketers, we love to learn new things. We love deep dives into abstract concepts like how choosing the right or wrong company name can affect your brand’s perception. And we’re absolute junkies for quick tips and “growth hacks”. As long as they’re backed up by data, of course.

But in our field, it sometimes feels like we’re getting caught up in a feedback loop of the same ideas. The industry info we see on marketing blogs and on social media is often a regurgitation of the same concepts, strategies, and tactics we’ve all seen before.

So where can we turn for new ideas and a renewed sense of creative inspiration?

Our friend, TED!

No, not Ted from accounting.

T.E.D. (Technology, Entertainment, and Design), the nonprofit that spreads ideas in the form of short, powerful talks (20 minutes or less).

With TED talks you get the best of both worlds. The talks take high-level concepts and distilled them into thoughtful insights that make you look at the world differently.

Here at UniTel Voice, when our marketing team needs a break from website analytics, net promoter scores, and blogging about business phone systems, we love a good TED talk.

Whenever we discover a talk worth watching we slack it to the whole team. In fact, you’ll find some of our favorite marketing TED talks in the shortlist below.

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How to Build the Foundation for a Great Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Marketing Tips  | January 21, 2019 Whitney Blankenship Whitney Blankenship

Ecommerce marketing is a tricky subject. While it’s not difficult in and of itself to do, there are a lot of different options and moving parts to be concerned with.

And for someone who’s just starting out, it can be overwhelming.

But out of all the things you could focus on to create a real ecommerce marketing strategy, there are three main pillars that you should attack first. From there, you can build outward onto other channels.

Today, I’m going to show you how to build that foundation so you can start your ecommerce marketing off on the right foot.

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9 Great Ways to Use Email Automation to Increase Ecommerce Revenue

Marketing Tips  | January 14, 2019 Whitney Blankenship Whitney Blankenship

Sending emails manually takes a lot of effort- and as your ecommerce business grows, it’s not sustainable long term. Email automation creates opportunities where manual email marketing and newsletter blasts fall short by creating an omnipresent marketing force.

Today, I’m going to go over what email automation is and how you can use it to boost your ecommerce marketing.

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