This post originally was posted on Oct 30, 2015. Now it is updated with new feature!

Omnisend (previously Soundest) is constantly growing and launching new features. This time we are improving the customer experience in monitoring and boosting email campaigns.

Today, we are keen on sharing with you the news that Omnisend has been approved by Google and we add a new shortcut to your reports! From now on, Gmail users will be able to reach their 24-hour Campaign Reports without even opening the email!


The button “View report” belongs to Google Schemas features. For the eligibility to use it, we have applied to Google. After manual review of Omnisend deliverability ratings, online reputation as well as analysis of reliability and the value we add to users, Google team approved our application and whitelisted us!



In the end of 2015 we have introduced the new email reports – 24-hour Campaign Report and a Weekly Metrics Update. If you haven’t received them yet or would like to review the meaning of each metric once again, read more details below.

It’s been two months since we launched our major system update. We know how you love new things! We have received a lot of good reviews and positive feedback regarding the changes made. So here we strike again with new exciting changes.

Campaign Booster

First of all, your beloved Newsletter Booster has metamorphosed into the Campaign Booster. The differences from the previous Newsletter Booster are:

  1. It has become smarter. Your boosted campaign will be sent only to those customers who have not opened the initial campaign and are most likely to make a purchase. It will increase your open and click rates even more than before.
  1. From now on you can enable a campaign booster in the first step of the new campaign creation by entering an extra Booster subject line like before. In addition, the campaign booster button will appear next to the campaign reports immediately after its launch. It enables you to decide whether it’s worth boosting your campaign or not after the first minutes. You will have 46 hours after the initial email is sent to make this decision.boost-campaign-3


24-hour Campaign Report

The 24-hour Campaign report will inform you about how the campaign is performing in the first 24 hours after its launch. For your convenience, we present two ways of monitoring it.

  1. A dynamic chart drawing your campaign performance (opens and clicks) is available in the reports. It allows you to better understand the most suitable timing for your campaigns as well as identify the peak hours of opens and clicks.24-hours-performance-1024x316


  1. 24-hour reports will pop into your inbox in the 24-hour period after the start of the campaign. You will be able to see the sales, opens and clicks of the campaign without signing in to the Omnisend account. This kind of email is coming next week.soundest-monitoring-and-boosting-email-campaigns

What do these report rates really mean?

Weekly Metrics Update

The weekly reports will pop into your inbox and let you better track your progress with Omnisend. What metrics are going to be used?

  1. Number of subscribers. You will see the total number of subscribers and weekly growth of your database using Omnisend signup forms (pop-ups, signup page, signup boxes), customers that have bought in your shop as well as imported ones.
  1. Total number of automated Welcome emails sent. You will see this part of the report if the welcomes emails are enabled. We also calculate the variation from the previous week’s performance – the percent change in comparison to last week.
  1. Cart recovery emails. Again, you will see this part of the report if the automated cart recovery email or cart recovery series are enabled. The total number of emails sent to your customers as well as incomes generated over the week will be available in the report. You also may follow the variation in percent from the previous week’s performance.
  1. In addition to these metrics, every week we will share tips & tricks of how to improve your email marketing. It will be useful to skim and consider these in your campaigns.



These updates to better monitor and boost email campaigns are in your best interests. We hope you will enjoy the changes.

Your feedback is more than welcome!

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