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At the halfway point through 2018, I’m glad to say that here at Omnisend we’re well on our way to accomplishing everything we promised in our What’s Next 2018 roadmap.

In fact, as you can remember, we presented our What’s Next plan as an ambitious road forward to an even more ambitious goal: to bring omnichannel marketing to ecommerce.

That is a big accomplishment in our evolution from Soundest to Omnisend, from being largely focused on email marketing to focusing on how omnichannel marketing automation can really push ecommerce marketers to the next level.

In that light, I’m excited to present some really big updates here at Omnisend:

  • a new pricing plan to accompany our bigger clients
  • a renaming of our Premium plan
  • the ability to create custom audiences for your Facebook and Google ads

Watch as I give an overview of these new changes, and read below for more in-depth information on our new changes:

Introducing our new Pro Plan

First of all, we’re doing a big change with the rollout of the Pro plan.

This is a completely new plan to address the needs of ecommerce marketers that are focused on scaling their businesses.

These marketers have developed their businesses to the point where they need power, flexibility and greater personalization.

You see, at the Pro level, ecommerce marketers have already outgrown the basic features of generic email marketing platforms.

Instead, they’re looking for a marketing automation solution that allows them to scale their business without losing personalization.

And that’s who we had in mind when we created our Pro plan.

With advanced automation and segmentation filters, marketers can supertarget their subscribers to get much higher returns, better sales and happier customers.

Even better, with the new plan ecommerce stores will get customized services, including a dedicated Account Manager, free migration services, deliverability consulting and a dedicated IP.

Down the road, we’ll also be including:

  • smart on-site messaging
  • more channels to reach your audiences
  • conditional and weighted splits for more flexibility in your automation workflows
  • UTM management

These will ensure that you can reach your customers in a smarter way and at the right moment.

Premium plan will now be Standard

Along with the introduction of our new Pro plan, we’re also renaming the Premium plan to Standard.

What we’ve noticed is that the features that have been included in our Premium plan are actually the ones that have become standard over time.

These are the features that ecommerce marketers now need in order to have a successful business.

That’s why we believe it’s more accurate to place them in a Standard, rather than Premium, plan, so that marketers know exactly what they’ll be getting when they choose one of our plans.

But, if you’ve been using our Premium plan, that doesn’t mean there’ll be any big changes to the way you’re using Omnisend.

Customers that have been using our Premium plan can choose to remain on Standard or upgrade to the new Pro plan with a fantastic, early-bird special.

That means you’ll be able to enjoy our powerful omnichannel marketing automation features, as well as customized services, at a fraction of the price.

Get more information on our new pricing plans by visiting our Pricing page.

With our new plan structure, we’re also introducing our brand-new features to continue our goal of omnichannel marketing: the ability to sync your customer lists and segments with Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Adwords Customer Match.

Towards omnichannel: Facebook and Google custom audiences

Our new upcoming features will allow you to upload and sync your current subscribers to Facebook, Instagram and Google (in Search, Youtube and Gmail).

This has been one of our most requested features, as it will allow you to reach your subscribers through more channels, or create similar audiences for greater conversions.

This is not just great for channels like Facebook and Instagram, where your customers probably spend quite a lot of time each day, but also for Google, when they’re eager to find a solution or specific product.

Similar in functionality to Facebook’s Custom Audiences, Google AdWords’ Customer Match allows you to reach similar audiences throughout Google Search, Youtube and Gmail.

Used together, however, Facebook, Instagram and Google can encompass a solid paid acquisition strategy.

This is the main reason we’ll be releasing them for marketers on Omnisend, so you can start evolving your marketing strategy for even greater sales.

If you want to be the first to try out our new Facebook Custom Audiences, please sign up with the form below. If selected, we’ll contact you shortly.

Get me on the Facebook Custom Audiences waitlist.

Bigger, stronger, better

We’re pretty hard-headed when it comes to our goals moving forward: we want our own customers to be bigger, stronger, and better.

This is why we’ve introduced our new pricing structure to allow you the flexibility to grow at the pace you want with the features you need.

This is also the reason we’re constantly rolling out new updates based on our What’s Next 2018 plan.

Remember, so far we’ve introduced:

And we’ve got so much more planned this year.

Stick with us to see how we’re bringing omnichannel marketing to ecommerce, and how that will completely change the way you do business.