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How AG3NCY’s clients saw sales and deliverability skyrocket after switching to Omnisend

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Trevor Antunez, from the digital marketing agency AG3NCY, would say that his journey into ecommerce marketing started with Boost Mobile. Fresh out of college, he got a job merchandising downloadable content for the prepaid mobile carrier. Things like wallpapers, games, ads, and — a flashback to the early 2000s — ringtones:

“If you’re old enough,” Trevor tells Omnisend, “you’ll probably remember those ubiquitous ringtone ads urging you to ‘Just text the word ‘TONES’ to shortcode 55555 from your mobile phone.’”

Those were the times in which Trevor got his digital marketing footing, and where he realized just how much potential SMS/MMS messaging had. Over time, he watched as the world went all in on digital experiences:

“Everything from email and web browsing to shopping underwent a profound transformation. The landscape evolved from a rudimentary mobile web experience to a fully realized desktop website that was completely optimized for smartphones.”

While Trevor was working at a large cultural marketing agency in Los Angeles, his wife Kristin left her position as Head of Social Media & Audience Development at the television show TMZ to embark on her digital marketing agency venture, which she called AG3NCY. The agency soon became successful, and Trevor joined to help brands sell their products and services online. 

Since then, they’ve worked with over fifty brands that include the likes of  Ultimate Ears,  the video game, Fortnite, and YALA Bamboo, to help them reach and speak to their customers more effectively. 

A big part of their strategy is email marketing.

Getting started with Omnisend

Before 2020, AG3NCY used Klaviyo for their email marketing. But because of Klaviyo’s spiraling pricing structure and deliverability issues, they decided to look for other email & SMS marketing solutions that offered more sensible pricing. 

And that’s when they discovered Omnisend.  After they made the change, they haven’t looked back — and their customers have been performing so much better for it.

“One client — YALA Bamboo — witnessed an astonishing 300% surge in sales within the first 30 days, which really is a testament to the power of Omnisend. This result was a real eye-opener that showed the scale of the deliverability issues that plagued Klaviyo.”

Trevor, Co-Founder of AG3NCY

Trevor also found that Omnisend’s SMS features are beyond what he could get on other platforms. Possibly, it’s also because of his career with SMS/MMS that he’s such an SMS devotee.

“It all goes back to when I was an SMS aficionado peddling $3.99 ESPN subscriptions for people that wanted score updates,” he laughs. “But really, in today’s digital landscape, SMS reigns supreme. It’s the marketing powerhouse that really grabs the attention of the mobile phone user. For that reason, SMS is an attention magnet, guaranteeing that your marketing message takes center stage and does so with lightning speed.”

Real-world data seems to back this up. Various studies show that a full 54% of customers would love to get promotional text messages from their brands. And while 55% of SMS get read, 100% are viewed.

Finding valuable support as an Omnisend partner

At Omnisend, Trevor feels like he’s a real team member and partner. 

“For me, the Omnisend squad is more than a team—it’s an embodiment of dedication and availability, not just for us, but for our clients as well,” he explains. “This invaluable human touch is a true asset, particularly in the complex world of email marketing.”

Trevor finds that Laurynas, his Account Manager at Omnisend, provides a standout experience. “He’s not just a rock star; he’s a lifeline.”

He continues:

“Laurynas’ proactivity is a game-changer, and he regularly reaches out with potential clients that are potential matches for our agency. Beyond that, we shouldn’t forget just how financially beneficial the partner program is — and that’s truly appreciated.” 

Finally, Trevor thinks that the support he gets from Omnisend’s Partnership team is truly unparalleled.

“Their responsiveness is unmatched, and somehow they’re able to answer in minutes rather than the sluggish days or weeks that I’ve seen elsewhere. Every question is met with grace, kindness, and a genuine willingness to assist.”

Trevor, Co-Founder of AG3NCY

The results speak for themselves

Trevor tells Omnisend that each client currently using Omnisend’s email & SMS marketing features absolutely adore it.

“They’re seeing rising open rates, unprecedented click-throughs, and revenues reaching record-breaking heights — it’s nothing short of awe-inspiring,” he gushes.

But for him and the brands he manages with Omnisend, the greatest result is the impressive deliverability he’s seen. Transitioning to Omnisend highlighted the huge deliverability problems my clients had at Klaviyo,” he says. 

“Unfortunately, they stayed with that ESP for too long and lost a significant amount of revenue. Luckily, we’re making a lot of sales with Omnisend now, and we only wish we’d switched sooner.”

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Bernard Meyer
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Bernard Meyer

Bernard is the Sr. Director of Communications & Creative at Omnisend, with a passion for good research, helping ecommerce businesses with their marketing automation needs, and beating absolutely everyone in Mario Kart 64.

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