New Omnisend Features Available in February
We put the focus on email design and email templates for the new Content Editor. Also, we’ve made significant improvements to the user experience on Shopify
How to Improve Low Email Engagement Rates [Omnisend Email Lab]
In the recent Omnisend Email Lab, we tried to improve low email engagement rates for a Canadian retailer. Check out our results!
Google Strikes Again: Will Punish Online Stores with Pop-ups
From Jan 10, Google starts applying improvements to the mobile browsing experience. Websites with pop-ups “may not rank as highly” in mobile search results
5 Interactive Newsletter Examples: Boost Your Click Rates at Least 2X
This article provides five interactive newsletter examples with different Scratch Cards. This innovative email element can double your click rate!
Best Practices for Ecommerce Email to Chime in Excellent Sales
Check out the following infographic! Seven of the best practices for ecommerce email marketing have been listed.
How Organic Aromas Boosted Newsletter Signups by 150% [Omnisend Email Lab]
In Omnisend Email Lab we have just completed a four-week experiment in capturing newsletter signups. Find out which pop up form performs best. These are our results!
How to Successfully Launch Your First Ebook
Designing ebook requires huge investments. You can’t afford to leave the success of your content to trial and error. Learn how to launch ebook.
New Content Editor: Faster. Better. Nicer. Smoother.
Those of you who used to find Omnisend Editor too slow, or the templates too conservative, will be pleasantly surprised by our new edition of Content Editor
10 Most Common Newsletter Mistakes & a Checklist for Fixes
What are most common newsletter mistakes? Usability and design issues? Frequency? Read this article and learn how to improve your next email campaign!
13 Funny Animated GIFS about Email Marketing [Part 2]
Relax and laugh at yourself a little bit. Check these funny gifs that are related to Email Marketing and based on our daily duties.
5 Tips to Grow Your Word of Mouth Marketing
Word of Mouth Marketing influences 92% of all consumers to make a purchase. Take a look at 5 tips on how to grow your Word of Mouth Marketing.
Integration with Optimonk and Email Collection Bar: Effective Email List Building
Most of the cases an effective email list building depends on onsite customer experience. Omnisend has new integrations with tools that know how to make it perfect.
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