Using Emotional Triggers When Writing Emails
Using Emotional Triggers When Writing Emails will help you to drive more conversions than you ever expected.
6 Reasons You Should Implement Customer Loyalty Programs
Customer loyalty programs should be part of your marketing strategy because of many reasons: they boost sales, generate traffic, win back customers, etc.
The 10 Best Email Marketing Campaigns
Omnisend carried out the study and highlighted the best email marketing campaigns in terms of open rate, click rate and conversion rate metrics.
The Best Day to Send Email Marketing Campaign [Omnisend Research 2016]
Omnisend provided ecommerce email marketing research based on 12,000 online stores. Find out, what is the best day to send email marketing campaign!
Ecommerce Email Marketing Statistics for 2016 [Infographic]
Get all the best ecommerce information with our new ecommerce email marketing statistics for 2016. Get the latest research to help you develop your store.
How To Adjust Your Email Messages For Millennials
Millennials are kings of eCommerce. They have more spending power than any other generation. The blog post speaks how to approach millennials via email.
Gmail DMARC Policy Can Destroy Your Email Marketing. Avoid This!
From June, 2016 the strict Gmail DMARC policy comes into force. It will affect all email marketers who use Gmail addresses for sending bulk emails. Learn more
New Omnisend Updates in HTML Email Editor
For those who have HTML knowledge, Omnisend has added a new HTML Email element to Editor so your email can be even more unique and customized than ever.
3 Tips and Examples of Using Color Psychology in Marketing
An article contains statistical data, useful resources as well as clear examples of color psychology in marketing.
Shopify Abandoned Cart: 3 Examples Of Winning Back Your Sales
Shopify Abandoned Cart: 3 Examples Of Winning Back Your Sales
Sending these Shopify abandoned cart email follow-ups can be your commercial advantage. Let's look at 3 great examples you can use in your store today.
5 Top Tips for Ecommerce SEO Beginners
If you are a start up, with little to no marketing budget, here are some eCommerce SEO tips that you can implement on your store by yourself.
13 Funny Animated GIFS about Email Marketing [Part 1]
Funny animated GIFS about setting up a new email campaign, waiting for new subscribers, dealing with spam, etc. Have a great time for giggling!
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