13 Hilarious Ecommerce Marketing Failures
Marketing Shmarketing joins the party and turns marketing failures into a good dose of marketing humor. We have collected 13 marketing failures.
Setting Up A Subscribe Form For Shopify Newsletter In 3 Easy Steps
A tutorial on adding native Shopify newsletter signup forms as well as extra Omnisend newsletter signup forms to your online store.
The 10 Best Performing Email Subject Lines for Small Businesses This Summer
For my research "email subject lines for small businesses" I chose young online stores with still modest but fresh mailing lists &strongly engaged customers
How to Boost Your Sales: The Magic of a Tracking Pixel
A tracking pixel empowers you to gain insider knowledge about your website visitors. So let’s see how you can adapt it to your needs and boost your sales.
12 Jokes about Marketing. Friday Inspiration
Sometimes there are days like today - empty office, small motivation, laziness... These jokes about marketing are specially for the days like this.
Voice Tone in the Newsletter
If you are an entrepreneur, you should consider professional, respectful, but non-formal and friendly voice tone in the newsletter. Let me explain why.
Why Users’Segmentation Rocks in Email Marketing
Segmentation in email marketing can get your way to newsletters being more opened, read and better resulted in sales. This post will show how.
UTM Parameters for Campaign Tracking: Web Analytic Tools [part 1]
UTM parameters for campaign tracking had already proved itself in big players’ strategies. But you don’t have to be big to use them and I will show you why.
Summer – High Time for Getting Updates
We are introducing our updated marketing blog for e-commerce as well as a weekly newsletter is back on the track.
A Look at the Gmail Promotions Tab Since Its Introduction
It’s two years since the Gmail Promotions Tab was released. Let’s look what influence it has had since its introduction.
Need Help Using Omnisend? Check the Omnisend Help Center
We have put detailed articles, tutorials and valuable tips in Omnisend Help Center to guide you along the way.
Canada’s Anti-Spam Law Is Coming into Force
CASL is considered to be one of the toughest anti-spam laws so far.The thing is, the law prohibits sending all commercial messages unless you've agreed.
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