Audience Intelligence: How it Future-Proofs Your Ecommerce Store
Phil Irvine explains how audience intelligence helps businesses through difficult periods and create marketing strategies that are future-proof.
Ecommerce Growth-Hacking With Data-Driven Decisions
Ecommerce data drives business decisions for online retailers. We explore types of analytics and how to create a growth-focused marketing strategy.
How to Maximize Sales during Black Friday Weekend (Cyber 5)
How to Maximize Sales During the Black Friday Weekend (Cyber 5)
This Black Friday Weekend, also known as Cyber 5, make sure you've got the right marketing strategy in place to skyrocket your sales.
Omnichannel Retailing: Risks, Rewards, & Opportunities
How can omnichannel retailing preserve your marketing strategy through industry disruption? Chris Walton, retail veteran, has the answers.
Choose The Best CRM Software For Your Ecommerce Business
Choose The Best CRM Software for Your Ecommerce Business
An ecommerce CRM will help you understand and nurture your number one resource—your customers. Find out our top 6 picks and why your store needs them
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The 36 Best Shopify Apps to Sell More [2021 Edition]
Looking for the best Shopify apps? Check out our up-to-date list of the 36 must-have, high-converting Shopify apps you need to improve your store (today).
How to Keep Optimizing Your Ecommerce Store through Disruption
How do you keep up with changes and disruptions across the ecommerce industry? Ecommerce expert, Chloë Thomas, gives us her best growth & optimization tips.
How iOS 15 Will Impact Holiday Promo Planning
iOS 15 will impact your promo planning. You'll need to consider it as you develop marketing strategies. We explore how to approach iOS 15 holiday planning.
4 Ways to Prepare Your Ecommerce Business for Holiday Shopping
To prepare for the holiday period, you need holiday business ideas for marketing & customer service. We explore four ways to prepare, along with examples.
How to Run a Sales Event (& Different Types of Sales)
Not all sales need to be large in scope. But they do require know-how to be successful. We explore how to run a sales event, with different types of sales.
The Biggest Sales of the Year (& How to Compete With Them)
It's vital for merchants to be aware of huge sale events throughout the year. We explore the biggest sales of the year, as well as how to compete with them.
Best SMS Marketing Software for Ecommerce in 2021
Looking for the best SMS marketing software? Check our in-depth analysis of 5 SMS tools for high-converting marketing campaigns (plus features & pricing).
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