Integration with Optimonk and Email Collection Bar: Effective Email List Building
Most of the cases an effective email list building depends on onsite customer experience. Omnisend has new integrations with tools that know how to make it perfect.
Using Emotional Triggers When Writing Emails
Using Emotional Triggers When Writing Emails will help you to drive more conversions than you ever expected.
6 reasons you should implement customer loyalty programs
Customer loyalty programs should be part of your marketing strategy because of many reasons: they boost sales, generate traffic, win back customers, etc.
The Best Day to Send Email Marketing Campaign [Omnisend Research 2016]
Omnisend provided ecommerce email marketing research based on 12,000 online stores. Find out, what is the best day to send email marketing campaign!
Ecommerce Email Marketing Statistics for 2016 [Infographic]
Get all the best ecommerce information with our new ecommerce email marketing statistics for 2016. Get the latest research to help you develop your store.
Gmail DMARC Policy Can Destroy Your Email Marketing. Avoid This!
From June, 2016 the strict Gmail DMARC policy comes into force. It will affect all email marketers who use Gmail addresses for sending bulk emails. Learn more
New Omnisend Updates in HTML Email Editor
For those who have HTML knowledge, Omnisend has added a new HTML Email element to Editor so your email can be even more unique and customized than ever.
Shopify Email Setup: 2 Options To Get The Job Done
Here are the steps to create your Shopify store from fighting SPAM filters to managing to set up your email address.
13 Hilarious Ecommerce Marketing Failures
Marketing Shmarketing joins the party and turns marketing failures into a good dose of marketing humor. We have collected 13 marketing failures.
12 jokes about marketing. Friday inspiration
Sometimes there are days like today - empty office, small motivation, laziness... These jokes about marketing are specially for the days like this.
Voice Tone in the Newsletter
If you are an entrepreneur, you should consider professional, respectful, but non-formal and friendly voice tone in the newsletter. Let me explain why.
UTM Parameters for Campaign Tracking: Web Analytic Tools [part 1]
UTM parameters for campaign tracking had already proved itself in big players’ strategies. Learn how to use them.
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