Our Smart Segmentation is finally here--find out the 4 ways you should be using it today
Smart Segmentation Is Here—and 4 Ways You Should Be Using It
Smart Segmentation is now available! See how you can use our new shopping behavior and list features to created targeted campaigns for better sales.
These are the 5 email marketing trends you need to know about for 2018
5 Email Marketing Trends for 2018 You Need to Know About
If you want to have greater success with your ecommerce store this year, you need to know these 5 email marketing trends and use them in your store.
Try out Omnisend's brand new Product Recommender for better newsletters and higher sales
Product Recommender Is Now Live: 3 Persuasive Ways to Offer Relevant Products
We're proud to announce the release of our brand new Product Recommender, which lets you automatically import your best products into your newsletters.
3 Ways to Use Smart Popups for Better Conversions
3 Ways to Use Smart Popups for Better Conversions
With smart popups, you can give your visitors a better experience and improve your conversions at the same time. Read the 3 best ways you can do that today.
Omnisend's new ViralSweep integration
Our New ViralSweep Integration
We’re excited to announce that we’ve got a brand new integration with ViralSweep, a viral marketing platform that can help boost engagement and sales.
Soundest is now Omnisend - find out what's new and how it will affect you
Soundest Is Now Omnisend
Soundest is now Omnisend—but it's more than just a name change. Find out what the new changes are and how they'll help your ecommerce business.
Read the story here for how Soundest evolved into Omnisend
How Soundest Evolved into Omnisend: The Backstory
Read the story of how Soundest evolved into Omnisend, and how we're using omnichannel marketing to help merchants better serve their customers.
Omnisend Ecommerce Email Marketing Statistics for 2017 [Infographic]
Ecommerce Email Marketing Statistics for 2017 [Infographic]
Omnisend's infographic on Ecommerce Email Marketing Statistics for 2017. We analyzed over 92,000 email campaigns and that's what we found.
Soundest is proud to present our new landing pages and 5 ways to use them
New Landing Pages on Omnisend (and 5 Ways You Can Use Them Today)
We're excited to announce the release of our newly redesigned Landing Pages - and the 5 awesome ways you can use them today.
Soundest has released the optional double opt-in feature to help your subscriber list
Double Opt-In Is Now Available: 3 Reasons Why You Should Use It
According to our What's Next plan, Omnisend has released the optional double opt-in feature to increase the quality and integrity of your subscriber list.
These are the 5 proven ways to convert your visitors into newsletter subscribers
7 Proven Ways to Convert Your Visitors into Newsletter Subscribers
Converting your visitors to newsletter subscribers is a great way to build up a relationship with them. These are the 7 best ways you can do that today.
Email A/B Testing Is Now Available: 5 Ideas for What to Test
Email A/B testing will enable you to easily test your email campaign and improve your marketing performance with these smart, small tweaks.
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