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Karolina Petraškienė
Content Marketing Manager
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– How do I create a newsletter?
– How can I use customer segmentation?
– What do the rates mean?

Keep calm, we’ve got your back. It’s normal to have questions when getting familiar with a new system. We have put detailed articles, tutorials and valuable tips in Omnisend Help Center to guide you along the way. 

Visit whenever you need more information on managing your contacts, creating a newsletter, interpreting the delivery reports, etc.

Surf through our resources by topic and find what you’re looking for. In case you’re in a rush, just type the question or phrase in the search field and you will be provided with the list of matching articles.

Articles are also categorized based on the needs of our customers. When you get to the support landing page, you’ll see:

  • Migration from Mailchimp: this collection of articles features tutorials on migration from Mailchimp, plus other resources such as webinars and video recordings.
  • New to Omnisend? These articles will help you get started like a champ.
  • Channels: What channels should you use? How can you connect them? You’ll find all the answers here.
  • Campaigns: Whether you need help building your first campaign, or you’re looking for tips to make your campaigns better, this category has got you covered.
  • Automation: Omnisend’s automation is robust, but it’s not complicated. Here are full tutorials on everything you need to know about automation.
  • Signup Forms: Build your subscriber list organically and quickly- learn more about sign up forms here!
  • Subscriber Management: If you need more info on segments, managing lists, importing subscribers, and GDPR compliance- this is your category.
  • Reports: Learn more about sales tracking, dashboard metrics, and the data you collect.
  • Templates: Need help creating, saving, or copying templates? Look no further.
  • Deliverability: How to warm up your sender reputation, and anything else you need to know about deliverability.
  • Troubleshooting: Common issues to troubleshoot, and how to fix them.
  • Account Settings: Everything you need to know about managing your Omnisend account.
  • Pricing & Billing: Here’s where your pricing, billing, and Omnisend plan questions are answered!
  • Integrations: Whether you need ecommerce platform integrations or third-party apps, this section has the answers you’re looking for!
  • API Documentation: For the more tech savvy (or less) among us, we’ve got the details on API for custom integrations.
  • Expert Topics: It’s time to get advanced! Learn how to be an Omnisend expert in no time.

Also, feel free to contact our support team via email ( or send an in-app message. We are always ready to help!

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Karolina Petraškienė

Karolina is a writer, content marketer, and email enthusiast at Omnisend. When she's not curating articles, you can find her in the woods challenging herself in hiking boots or off-roading her bike.

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