automation workflows

Splits by Message Behavior: More Power to Leverage Engagement Data
Making use of Splits by Message Behavior will help you optimize your workflows by setting up engagement-responsive messages.
Workflow Splits
New Automation Editor: More Power to Personalize Your Messages
Automation Splits allow you to use customer data to customize workflows, and send your audience down different messaging paths within the same workflow.
How to Create a Welcome Series That Fits Your Brand
Welcome messages are some of the most profitable lifecycle marketing messages. But are they as effective as they can be? Chances are they are not, and here’s why.
How to Transform Your Welcome Series into a Profit Powerhouse
Here are some ways you can easily turn your same-old-same-old welcome series into a remarkable, profit-earning powerhouse.
email drip campaigns
5 Email Drip Campaigns Examples and Best Practices
How to create a successful email drip campaign? Examples for inspiration and best practices for high open rates. Software for drip campaigns.
The Ultimate Guide to Writing Win Back Email
Win back email is often seen as the Hail Mary of email campaigns: your final chance to convert a customer on the cusp of churn. Here’s how to nail them.
The 13 Best Magento Abandoned Cart Extensions for 2018
The 13 Best Magento Abandoned Cart Extensions for 2018
Today we're going to look at the 13 best Magento abandoned cart extensions for 2018, based on quality of the extensions, the features, and of course price.
Try out our new automated order updates to send out shipping confirmation and cancellation confirmation emails
How to Use Our New Automated Order Updates
Based on our What's Next plan, automated order updates are now available. Use our new shipping confirmation and cancellation confirmation for better sales.
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