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How to Successfully Launch Your First Ebook

Marketing Tips  | November 18, 2016 Guest Post Guest Post

Ebooks are a huge undertaking, and unless you have a truly massive following it can be daunting to take on a project so vast when the payoff is uncertain. This problem is doubly true when writing your first release, and it was one we faced back in January head on.

Fast forward three months, and on the day that our business process automation guide was launched we collected just shy of 1,000 email list subscribers in a single day; a number which, naturally, is only growing as time goes by. Read more

How to Build Real, 100% Authentic Influence Using Video and Facebook

How to Build Real, 100% Authentic Influence Using Video and Facebook

Inspiration, Marketing Tips  | October 3, 2016 Guest Post Guest Post

By now you’ll have noticed the sheer volume of video content online. Once concentrated to YouTube and other video-centric platforms, our growing bandwidths and extending grasp of the digital domain has led to a huge proliferation of videos, be it from live-streaming or content distributors like Netflix.

The tipping point has been the introduction of native video on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Read more


Using Social Networks for Long-form Content: Pros, Cons

Marketing Tips  | August 15, 2016 Guest Post Guest Post

To some, it might seem slightly crazy – perhaps we could say ‘counterintuitive’ – but a trend that’s been gathering momentum in content marketing is publishing longer stretches of online content on social networks.

This is the kind of extended content you’re most used to seeing in blogs or longer journalistic features, a type of content known to marketers and journalists alike as ‘longform’. Read more