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Shopify Plus Certified App
Omnisend is Now a Certified Shopify Plus App
Omnisend is an official member of the Shopify Plus Certified App program, recognizing the level of product quality, service, performance, privacy, and support required by Shopify Plus merchants.
6 Best Email Marketing Apps for Shopify
There are 150 email marketing apps on Shopify. Find out which one is the best email marketing app for you!
Direct to Consumer Marketing: Build a Better Brand
Direct to consumer marketing offers brands the chance to take on legacy players and beat them at their own game. Find out how in this article.
125+ Father’s Day Subject Lines for Amazing Results
To make sure you're getting great results for your Father's Day email campaigns, we're giving you the 125 best-performing Father's Day subject lines.
10 Brilliant Email Marketing Examples for Ecommerce That We Love
Running low on creative juices? Here are 10 brilliant email marketing examples that you can apply to your next campaign.
5 Things to Learn About Email Marketing Funnel
A well-considered email marketing funnel helps you turn prospects into loyal customers and make them stay with you for longer. Find out more at Omnisend.
A Guide to Email Acquisition for Ecommerce
Email acquisition consists of two parts: building a list and working on the campaign. Learn how to prepare for an upcoming email campaign at Omnisend.
The Impact of Email Marketing ROI
ROI Email marketing is necessary information for every business budget calculations. To find out how to calculate email marketing ROI, visit Omnisend.
email autoresponders
8 Different Ways to Use Email Autoresponders to Boost Ecommerce Growth
Email autoresponders are a great way to boost your Ecommerce marketing Strategy, and the relationships with your customers. Here are 8 great ways how:
5 ways to use email to create an epic customer experience
5 Ways to Use Email to Create an Epic Customer Experience
Email is so much more than communication- it can create a whole customer experience for your online store. Here are 5 ways to do just that:
How to Measure Email Marketing Campaign Performance
How to Measure Email Marketing Campaign Performance
Understand email marketing data so you can measure how well your campaign is performing. Learn how to measure email marketing and test your campaigns.
The Absolute Best Time to Send Your Black Friday Emails
The Absolute Best Time to Send Your Black Friday Emails
We analyzed more than 2.5 million emails sent during Black Friday last year to see what is the absolute best time to send Black Friday email. Find out now.