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how to choose a new email service provider blog cover
5 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Ecommerce Email Service Provider [ESP]
Choosing a new email service provider is an important decision, but it doesn't have to be a painstaking process. Here's what you need to ask:
5 Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps For Winning Back Your Sales
Sending abandoned cart emails can significantly increase your revenue. These abandoned cart best practices and Shopify apps can help you reclaim lost sales.
7 Best Welcome Email Examples to Engage Your Customers
Everything you need to know about welcome emails to boost your conversions: when to send them, how many in a series, best examples and even subject lines.
34 Best Ecommerce and Email Marketing Resources in 2021
We share the list of 34 email marketing resources we have found on the web (with 1600+ tips!). Useful for both beginners and advanced users.
marketing automation software
Best Marketing Automation Software: 6 Tested Tools for 2021
Marketing automation platforms for ecommerce business. 6 tested marketing automation tools with pricing and features comparison.
Customer Engagement Marketing Personalized Content
We Thought You’d Like This: Personalized Recommendations Are Here
Introducing Personalized Recommendations - the easiest way to drive more repeat sales with relevant product suggestions. Learn the best ways to use it.
BigCommerce and Omnisend Integration
Use BigCommerce Data to Create More Relevant Messages
Utilizing the Omnisend + BigCommerce integration allows retailers to harness the power of their data to meet consumer expectations and grow sales.
Splits by Message Behavior: More Power to Leverage Engagement Data
Making use of Splits by Message Behavior will help you optimize your workflows by setting up engagement-responsive messages.
5 Types of Trigger Emails + Strategy and Examples.
Examples of triggered emails to boost your sales by automation. Types of trigger emails and best practices to send emails based on events or segments.
Make Your Automated Messages More Relevant with A/B Testing
What kind of messaging does this segment prefer—brand-driven or discount-focused? Well, now there’s no need to second-guess anymore.
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15 Email Marketing Best Practices: Guide for 2021
Increase email engagement with 15 tested Email Marketing best Practices in 2021. Here's how to improve email performance in 2 hours!
Transactional emails
4 Easy Yet Effective Ways to Create Transactional Emails
Transactional emails have exceptionally high open and click rates. Send them to generate up to 5 times more revenue. Find out useful tips and examples!