Gift Box

How Gamification Marketing Can Increase Your Ecommerce Sales
Emails that include gamification marketing elements get 74% better engagement. Learn about how to add them to your campaign!
9 Easy and Effective Holiday Newsletter Ideas
These are my holiday newsletter ideas that will help you build customer relationships, increase engagement, and boost sales.
18 Newsletter Templates and Tips on Performance
Best 18 newsletter templates and template galleries for email campaigns. Guidelines for templates usage. Try them today!
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New Gift Box Updates: 3 More Reasons to Try It Now
Check out the examples of the newsletters using Gift Box, the first results, and what feature improvements have been made for people to experience it even better!
Gift Box – A New Interactive Element to Boost Your Email Campaign
Gift Box is a totally new feature in Omnisend and email history! It has been developed to improve the click rate and boost your email campaign.
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