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The Future of Google AdWords or How to Break Through Average Sales

Marketing Tips  | October 12, 2016 Guest Post Guest Post

The majority of online store owners running “Google AdWords” campaigns, sooner or later, join the “So-So” club: return on investment (ROI), campaign costs and conversions – everything is average.

One might wish for better results, but often settles for less after noticing that competitors are doing no better. Why does this happen and is there a way to leave this club? Read more


13 Hilarious Ecommerce Marketing Failures

Inspiration, Marketing Tips  | October 21, 2015 Guest Post Guest Post

Sometimes it’s hard to be an online marketer – you have to manage different medium channels such as email, social media, ppc advertising, etc. So no wonder that some marketing efforts turn into flops.

Hey, but let’s take a look at the bright side – you have  a great opportunity to learn from the mistakes thus achieve success next time. If the mistake was made by someone else, it’s even better – you get a free lesson of “how NOT TO DO something”.

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