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Google Mobile Friendly Popups: 3 Ways to Avoid Losing Mobile Rankings

In January 2017, Google changed its policy regarding website popups to improve the mobile browsing experience. Results in mobile Google search haven’t changed dramatically. Yet.

But you should not wait to make changes—otherwise, your hard work climbing up to Google’s first page will turn to ashes. Here are some actions you can take right away to avoid this.
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Google Strikes Again: Will Punish Online Stores with Pop-ups

It seems that the new year has started with storms in the retailers’ world. As Google promised last year, from January 10, 2017, it will start applying improvements to the mobile browsing experience.

Since pop-ups provide a poorer experience to users by being interstitials in accessing the content immediately, they will be tackled and websites with pop-ups “may not rank as highly” in mobile search results.

Without a doubt, everyone is happy about getting a better browsing experience. But what about building email lists and signup forms? Should online retailers remove all of these from their sites? Read more


How to Boost Your Sales: The Magic of a Tracking Pixel

How many millionaires would there be on this Earth, if to launch a successful online store, all you had to do was sit and wait?

You may say that a lot of different factors determine the success of a startup, and you would be absolutely right. However, one of the most crucial things is your business insights and well-timed improvements.

A tracking pixel empowers you to gain insider knowledge about your website visitor’s behavior, email opens, reaction to ads, etc. So let’s see how you can adapt it to your needs and boost your sales. Read more