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6 Ways to Optimize Your Holiday Workflows in 2020
The holidays are here, and it's time to optimize your holiday workflows. Check out these optimization tips designed to help you earn more revenue.
11 Ways to Use Behavioral Targeting to Increase Revenue
This marketing tactic is so effective that 86% of high-revenue companies spend over a fifth of their marketing budget on behavioral targeting.
Cart Abandonment Incentives: The Pros, Cons, and How to Make Them Effective
Should you offer cart abandonment incentives to bring customers back? Here are the pros, cons, and best practices for getting it right.
Five Challenges Faced by Ecommerce Marketers In Launching Creative Ad Campaigns
Struggle to go live with marketing campaigns powered by fresh consumer insights? You’re not alone. Learn about how marketers can tackle these challenges!
Workflow Splits
New Automation Editor: More Power to Personalize Your Messages
Automation Splits allow you to use customer data to customize workflows, and send your audience down different messaging paths within the same workflow.
How to Transform Your Welcome Series into a Profit Powerhouse
Here are some ways you can easily turn your same-old-same-old welcome series into a remarkable, profit-earning powerhouse.
marketing automation software
Best Marketing Automation Sofware: 6 Tested Tools for 2021
Marketing automation platforms for ecommerce business. 6 tested marketing automation tools with pricing and features comparison.
email drip campaigns
5 Email Drip Campaigns Examples and Best Practices
How to create a successful email drip campaign? Examples for inspiration and best practices for high open rates. Software for drip campaigns.
CBD Marketing Guide: From Strategy to Action Plan for 2021
CBD marketing ideas and tactics. Best marketing channels for CBD businesses. Email marketing workflows for CBD companies.
12 Thank You Email Templates & Examples for Ecommerce
Tweak your brand communication with thank you email templates! Find out the best way to keep your customers happy and engaged with your brand at Omnisend.
The 6 Email Marketing Challenges Seriously Hurting Your Sales
The 6 Email Marketing Challenges That Are Seriously Hurting Your Sales
For ecommerce, it's important that you find the best marketing strategy for high ROI. But these 6 email marketing challenges can really kill your sales.
Try out our new automated order updates to send out shipping confirmation and cancellation confirmation emails
How to Use Our New Automated Order Updates
Based on our What's Next plan, automated order updates are now available. Use our new shipping confirmation and cancellation confirmation for better sales.