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10 Rules to Make Your Email Newsletter Design Beautiful yet Effective

Marketing Tips  | September 6, 2018 Karolina Petraškienė Karolina Petraškienė

Communication via email plays a significant part in a brand’s overall image. It reflects your professionalism, supports credibility and builds close relationships with your customers.

Taking into account the huge competitive struggle in the customer’s inbox, an email newsletter design needs to capture the customer’s attention at first glance to avoid being deleted and never seen again. Moreover, how you design your email campaigns will influence your click rate as well as sales.

Follow these rules while building your newsletters and enjoy beautiful yet effective email marketing campaigns! Read more


Using Video in Email Marketing Can Double Your Customer Engagement

“Interactive content” has become a buzz words in recent years. Ad agencies and marketing teams are looking for innovative solutions every day.

Although, using videos in the newsletters will not surprise anyone, still there are thousands of online stores that haven’t tried it and are not yet reaping the fruits of their labor.

Recently I have analyzed how an interactive Scratch Card element influences the email campaign performance. There are clients that improved their click rates two, three, and even four times! Let’s see how videos in the emails can affect your overall newsletter performance. Read more


Gift Box – A New Interactive Element to Boost Your Email Campaign

Gift Box is a totally new feature in Omnisend and email history! It has been developed to improve the click rate of bulk email campaigns. If you are fan of our Scratch Card, this new feature is definitely for you!

In some previous articles, we already mentioned the twice as better click rates and other benefits of interactive content in the emails. And they do indeed help retailers achieve better results! That’s why a new Gift Box has been launched to help you generate greater CTR and overall business revenue. Read more


The 10 Best Email Marketing Campaigns

Every time we build a new email campaign, we hope that it will be our best ever. Such high expectations make sure we keep on improving and delivering for our clients.

Recently, Omnisend (previously Soundest) carried out a study based on its customer data. In addition to many interesting insights on email marketing behavior, we highlighted the email marketing campaigns that performed best in terms of open rate, click rate and conversion rate metrics. I bet you are interested in seeing them right away! Read more


The Winners of the Best Summer Newsletter 2015!

Omnisend News  | September 1, 2015 Karolina Petraškienė Karolina Petraškienė

I wish you a happy start to the new season, dear readers! I haven’t been to any country in the Southern Hemisphere yet, and while I imagine that people down there are waiting for spring romance to come around, for us in the Northern Hemisphere it’s very different!

September 1 means the end of summer joy and the start of new school classes, new episodes from our favorite TV series, a new business cycle, and new exciting challenges. Both southerners and northerners are eager for what is ahead.

However, let’s make a short flashback to the Northern summer and congratulate the winners of the Best Summer Newsletter Contest. Read more