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ultimate list of email marketing resources

99 Email Marketing Resources – Ultimate List

Marketing Tips  | April 4, 2018 Omnisend Team Omnisend Team

Updated: November 15, 2018. While developing Omnisend, we’ve always tried to learn something new related to email marketing (and still do). Our teammates read numerous blogs, and we follow experts on social media to find and share new insights.

That’s why we’d like to share our list of 99 really useful ecommerce email marketing resouemairces we found on the web.  Read more

These are the 5 proven ways to convert your visitors into newsletter subscribers

7 Proven Ways to Convert Your Visitors into Newsletter Subscribers

Marketing Tips  | July 20, 2017 Guest Post Guest Post

It’s quite rare for a shopper to arrive on your site for the first time and immediately make a purchase.

Turning visitors into newsletter subscribers and then paying customers takes effort and that effort must start with engaging your traffic.

So why do we continue to spend all of this time, effort, and money on driving traffic to our site with little to no focus on actively converting these visitors? We’ve been doing it all wrong!

Read more


5 Interactive Newsletter Examples: Boost Your Click Rates at Least 2X

In recent years, marketers and media professionals have talked a lot about interactive content online. Businesses have invested in rich-media banners, quizzes, social media content, etc.

According to Adform, rich media delivers a 6.6X higher engagement rate than standard ad banners.

Though email has more limits than HTML5 and the web ─ and many things are impossible to develop inside email because of the different parameters ─ the email marketing industry is looking for solutions. For example, adding videos or animated gifs could make your messages more interactive. Read more


10 Most Common Newsletter Mistakes & a Checklist for Fixes

Marketing Tips  | September 22, 2016 Karolina Petraškienė Karolina Petraškienė

Some of you probably receive my bi-weekly newsletters. I write them and am deeply interested in how they do in your inboxes. Also, I know that you write yours and you are also deeply interested in how they do in your subscribers’ inboxes.

Bunches of emails settle down into our mailboxes every day and are condemned to be deleted without ever being opened. Why should this be so?

I don’t want to give the impression of being a “newsletter nazi”. But guys, some newsletter mistakes are quite serious and recipients probably find them difficult to forgive. So what are they? Read more


The 10 Best Performing Email Subject Lines for Small Businesses This Summer

I have to be honest with you, after my last newsletter to our subscribers, I was down for the rest of the day. I put so much effort into those articles and only 24.5% of our audience opened the email to read.

My heart was bleeding – I felt a strong urge to understand our customers and discover what works for them.

Before starting my own research, I Googled what had been done already. I found very interesting data in MailChimp resources, providing email campaign statistics by industry. Read more