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Cart Abandonment SMS: How to Integrate Text Messages into Your Strategy
If you are eager to try SMS auto-reminders and are still not sure how to start and what exactly to say, read this article.
Splits by Message Behavior: More Power to Leverage Engagement Data
Making use of Splits by Message Behavior will help you optimize your workflows by setting up engagement-responsive messages.
5 Types of Trigger Emails + Strategy and Examples.
Examples of triggered emails to boost your sales by automation. Types of trigger emails and best practices to send emails based on events or segments.
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Best Marketing Automation Sofware: 6 Tested Tools for 2020
Marketing automation platforms for ecommerce business. 6 tested marketing automation tools with pricing and features comparison.
AMA Session Recap: COVID-19: What It Means for Ecommerce
How to boost your Ecommerce Marketing Plan in times of crisis. AMA session recap with field experts about new challenges.
Marketing in a Crisis: What to Do and How to Strike the Right Tone
When worldwide crisis hits, how do you adjust your marketing message to strike the right tone? Here's how you can get the tone right for the situation.
How SMS Can Propel Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy
SMS is currently experiencing a boom. Why now? Read more on how the industry set the stage for making SMS a critical component of your omnichannel strategy.
Direct to Consumer Marketing: Build a Better Brand
Direct to consumer marketing offers brands the chance to take on legacy players and beat them at their own game. Find out how in this article.
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What We Can Learn from Omnichannel Statistics for 2020
Omnichannel statistics from 2019 are live! Here are the latest insights and takeaways to help you nail your 2020 omnichannel strategy.
SMS Campaigns 101: Things To Know Before Starting (With Examples)
Over 90% of SMS campaigns are read within the first 3 minutes of receipt. None of the other marketing channels can brag about such results. Learn more!
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What is Omnichannel Marketing? (+4 Best Practices for Ecommerce)
Omnichannel marketing: The Definitive Guide With Examples and Case Study about omnichannel marketing strategies.
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How to Create an Omnichannel Customer Journey
Creating an omnichannel customer journey means crafting each step around your customer's needs. Here's how to do that at each step of the purchase journey.