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9 Best Email Automation Flows to Increase Ecommerce Revenue

Marketing Tips  | March 26, 2020 Whitney Blankenship Whitney Blankenship

Sending emails manually takes a lot of effort- and as your ecommerce business grows, it’s not sustainable long term. Email automation creates opportunities where manual email marketing and newsletter blasts fall short by creating an omnipresent marketing force.

Today, I’m going to go over what email automation is and how you can use it to boost your ecommerce marketing.

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Read our guest post on how you can flood your online store with amazing traffic

How to Flood Your Ecommerce Store with Amazing Traffic

Marketing Tips  | February 13, 2018 Guest Post Guest Post

As the saying goes: “Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business.” The reason Amazon or any ecommerce store gets sales is high traffic.

All other factors mean nothing if your online store is not getting enough traffic. It’s the traffic that helps you capture powerful, high-quality leads that ultimately turn into high-value sales. Read more


Resend Your Email Campaign and Get up to 30% Bigger Revenue

Experiencing sales slump? You are not alone. Summer months are always the slowest for ecommerce sites. But here is the bright side of the thing.

You can experiment new things with lower risk to spoil anything and prepare new strategies and marketing tricks for the new season.

One of those tricks that I’m offering you to try today is resending your most recent email campaign to those customers who have ignored the initial one. Believe it or not, but this action will increase your revenue through email marketing by up to 30% . Read more


13 Hilarious Ecommerce Marketing Failures

Inspiration, Marketing Tips  | October 21, 2015 Guest Post Guest Post

Sometimes it’s hard to be an online marketer – you have to manage different medium channels such as email, social media, ppc advertising, etc. So no wonder that some marketing efforts turn into flops.

Hey, but let’s take a look at the bright side – you have  a great opportunity to learn from the mistakes thus achieve success next time. If the mistake was made by someone else, it’s even better – you get a free lesson of “how NOT TO DO something”.

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