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26 Innovative Ecommerce Marketing Tips from the Experts

Marketing Tips  | February 15, 2018 Bernard Bernard

Ecommerce marketing can be hard, especially when you’re busy trying to create your products, keep up with your competition and in general run every single part of your store.

That’s why we reached out to 26 experts in the small business, marketing and ecommerce world to get their most innovative ecommerce marketing tips. Read more

Read our guest post on how you can flood your online store with amazing traffic

How to Flood Your Ecommerce Store with Amazing Traffic

Marketing Tips  | February 13, 2018 Guest Post Guest Post

As the saying goes: “Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business.” The reason Amazon or any ecommerce store gets sales is high traffic.

All other factors mean nothing if your online store is not getting enough traffic. It’s the traffic that helps you capture powerful, high-quality leads that ultimately turn into high-value sales. Read more

Find the best way to optimize your ecommerce store for voice search

How to Optimize Your Ecommerce Business for Voice Search

Marketing Tips  | July 17, 2017 Guest Post Guest Post

Voice search is an easy way for people to find the information they need. Perhaps it’s because of this added convenience that the use of voice search apps is growing in popularity. In 2016, voice searches made up 20% of all queries on the Google mobile app and Android devices.

So if this is the case, even your ecommerce business needs to optimize for consumers who search by voice and cater to their needs more efficiently. Read more

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How Your Email Marketing and SEO Go Hand-in-Hand

Marketing Tips  | November 30, 2016 Guest Post Guest Post

As a small business just getting on its feet, you have a lot to tackle in terms of your priorities. On the one hand you need to get your website up and running, but you also have to consider the elements of your marketing like semail and social media. It’s a lot to handle for sure, but what if you could connect some of them together?

Email marketing and SEO may seem like they couldn’t be further from each other, but the truth is that they have a lot in common. More than that, they also benefit each other in a number of ways that can save you time and earn larger returns on your investments. Let’s take a look at how you can combine these efforts today. Read more


5 Top Tips for Ecommerce SEO Beginners

Marketing Tips  | January 4, 2016 Guest Post Guest Post

It might be hard to find a store owner that doesn’t want Google’s coveted number one spot. Search engines are a profitable traffic source for any eCommerce website.

Therefore we asked the eCommerce SEO experts from Shopi SEO to give us their top search engine optimization for eCommerce techniques. Here is what the guys had to say!

Warning:  It may cause serious eCommerce inspiration for 2016.

Read more