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Find out the 6 best ways you can build an email list for your ecommerce store today

How to Build an Email List from Scratch: 9 Proven Methods

ROI for email marketing remains the highest among all marketing channels – $40 for each $1 spent. No other channels come even close to these heights.

So it’s obvious why a long email list is so desirable by ecommerce businesses nowadays.

Deciding to build an email list is one thing, but actually seeing success can be quite hard for retailers. This is especially true since there are often so many other aspects of running an ecommerce store.
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The 8 Best WooCommerce Themes By Niche for 2019

Inspiration  | February 13, 2019 Guest Post Guest Post

I think there’s no need to say how profitable an online store could be. People prefer to go looking for some item while sitting at home in front of their PC, or going to work via their phone. Brick-and-mortar shopping takes a huge amount of time, so it is much more convenient to go shopping online.

With the popularity of ecommerce, more and more online stores are emerging every day. With this ultra saturated market, it’s critical that you keep updating your online store with new elements to keep your customers’ interest.

So we’ve got the best  WooCommerce themes and templates to help you find the perfect fit for your online shop.

As an added bonus, we’ve added 2 awesome themes for Shopify too! Also we recommend to check  How To Choose the Perfect WordPress Theme.

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12 Free Shopify Email Templates For Your Store

Marketing Tips  | March 14, 2018 Omnisend Team Omnisend Team

Updated: Mar 14th, 2018. Some time ago, when I first tried to analyze brand communication with customers via email, I was surprised how many different messages retailers had to send! All those confirmations, success and failure notifications, password reminders, etc.

No doubt, email is one of the main communication channels between your brand and your customer and it makes up a significant part of your brand identity.

To manage a bunch of various notifications is a challenge. Luckily, Shopify provides automated transactional emails and the only thing you have to take care of is to make them look like yours—in other words, branded.

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In part 3 of our 'Low Sales' series, we look at common ecommerce mistakes in marketing

Low Sales? You’re Probably Making These 23 Common Ecommerce Mistakes (Part 3: Your Marketing)

Marketing Tips  | August 11, 2017 Bernard Bernard

In the final part of our series on low ecommerce sales, we’ll be looking at the common ecommerce mistakes in your marketing that can negatively impact your sales.

Marketing can be difficult because it depends on so many factors. Not just the niche that you’re in, but also the location of your audience, the time of day or year, your sales and promotions, and many other factors.

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In Part 2 of our good traffic but low sales series, we look at common ecommerce mistakes in the product

Low Sales? You’re Probably Making These 23 Common Ecommerce Mistakes (Part 2: Your Products)

Marketing Tips  | August 2, 2017 Bernard Bernard

Last week, we looked at the 6 common ecommerce mistakes new business owners make with their website.

If you haven’t yet checked that out, I recommend you do that before you start on our topic for today: your product.

Specifically, we’ll look at the problems in your product offerings that can cause a visitor to leave your store without buying anything. Read more