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The 30 Best Shopify Apps to Sell More [2020 Edition]
The list of best Shopify apps to run your ecommerce business. Check out our collection of 30 must-have apps to improve your store.
5 ways to use email to create an epic customer experience
5 Ways to Use Email to Create an Epic Customer Experience
Email is so much more than communication- it can create a whole customer experience for your online store. Here are 5 ways to do just that:
How to Protect My Website from Spam Bots and Fake Signups
Are you enjoying tons of new subscribers on your online store every day? Are they all real? How should i protect my website from spam bots and fake signups?
New Signup Forms on Omnisend + 10 Ideas for Using Popups Wisely [Part 1]
Learn about new signup forms on Omnisend and 10 ideas for using popups wisely. Increase the number of your email subscribers now.
How Organic Aromas Boosted Newsletter Signups by 150% [Omnisend Email Lab]
In Omnisend Email Lab we have just completed a four-week experiment in capturing newsletter signups. Find out which pop up form performs best. These are our results!
Setting Up A Subscribe Form For Shopify Newsletter In 3 Easy Steps
A tutorial on adding native Shopify newsletter signup forms as well as extra Omnisend newsletter signup forms to your online store.
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