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The 5 Best Ideas For Top-Notch Welcome Emails

8 out of 10 customers expect to receive a welcome message after they sign up for a mailing list.

Let’s agree, that’s a huge unrevealed potential and opportunity to approach your new subscribers who’ve just confirmed that they are into you.

If you still don’t send these emails because of whatever reason, you should definitely ditch your modesty and start proudly introducing your brand with awaited and well-performing welcome messages.

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Find out the 6 best ways you can build an email list for your ecommerce store today

How to Build an Email List from Scratch: 9 Proven Methods

ROI for email marketing remains the highest among all marketing channels – $40 for each $1 spent. No other channels come even close to these heights.

So it’s obvious why a long email list is so desirable by ecommerce businesses nowadays.

Deciding to build an email list is one thing, but actually seeing success can be quite hard for retailers. This is especially true since there are often so many other aspects of running an ecommerce store.
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Welcome Series. How to Convert Your Subscribers into Buyers

According to surveys, 74.4 % of customers expect a welcome email when they subscribe. Therefore companies send it.

A primer opt-in process is the best way to add subscribers to your mailing list, but it’s not enough for having buyers engaged. We should train the newbies for our brand and encourage them to break the ice with their first purchases.

You can be slightly surprised, but welcome emails generate 3 times higher open and click rates, and even 5 times higher revenue in comparison with other promotional emails. Such email automation is one of the easiest ways to take your marketing tactics to the next level. Read more