How to Add Push Notifications to Your Ecommerce Marketing Toolbox

Every day new channels are emerging in the digital sphere, and while push notifications aren’t new per se, they are beginning to catch on for a lot of retailers.

Today, I’m happy to announce that now you can add push notifications to your omnichannel marketing toolbox with Omnisend. You can now add this channel to your existing automations and send segmented push campaigns to your list of subscribers.

In this article, I’m going to run through a couple of effective tactics to using push notifications for ecommerce, and how you can make the most of this channel.

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alternative to mailchimp

An Open Letter to the Shopify Team

Uncategorized  | November 26, 2018 Rytis Rytis

There has been quite a bit of uncertainty over the past few days about Shopify and MailChimp integrations.

While MailChimp is back, for the moment, it might be time to think about potential alternatives. Because if we’ve learned one thing from this event, even MailChimp isn’t immune to sudden change.

We understand what you’re going through. We understand that you want to help your customers make the best decision for their ecommerce stores, and we understand that you’re trying to make the best recommendations for their email marketing needs.

Have we got a solution for you.

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3 Benefits of a Loyalty Program

Uncategorized  | March 19, 2015 Guest Post Guest Post

A great way to build customer loyalty is through regular and personalised communication – you’re already doing this with Omnisend.

Another way to build loyalty is with your own customised loyalty program. Below you’ll find three benefits, some advice and ways to use LoyaltyLion with Omnisend.

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Holiday Email Marketing Sprint Starts Now

Uncategorized  | November 6, 2014 Omnisend Team Omnisend Team

Three weeks left until Black Friday, which marks the start of holiday shopping season, but the most dedicated sales hunters are already trying to find out what deals their favorite stores will be offering.

Holiday season is almost here and it promises big opportunities to online stores like yours. For retailers, it’s the most profitable time of a year, as consumer spending increases.

According to eMarketer’s estimates, in US e-commerce sales will grow 16.6% this holiday season, up from 15.3% rise last year. The trend is clear: more people do their holiday shopping online.

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Canada’s Anti-Spam Law Is Coming into Force

Uncategorized  | June 26, 2014 Omnisend Team Omnisend Team

Only few days left until Canada’s Anti-Spam Law, shortly called CASL, comes into force on the 1st of July.

“I’m not a spammer, so this does not apply to me”, you may think. Wrong. As you’re sending promotional email newsletters that fall into category of commercial electronic messages (or CEMs), this new legislation will affect your e-business. Read more