As you may have already noticed, Omnisend kicked off this year ambitiously! Every month, we introduce a bunch of new features to our clients.

We are glad that you have provided us with feedback about the features you need, and we want to keep you updated about our future plans. We are launching a special page with our roadmap and want you to know what exciting features are foreseen for this year.

Since the very beginning, in 2014, Omnisend has strictly focused on the needs of small ecommerce businesses, and we are proud of our achievements in helping them successfully rise to where they are today!

We know about our clients’ growth because their questions have become more and more advanced, with their needs and expectations constantly increasing. This is a stimulus for us to grow even faster and to offer our clients more features that they need.

That’s how our ambitious feature roadmap for 2017 was born. Learn what features are coming in the very near future at Omnisend!

What’s Next?

Since the very beginning, we have been monitoring the ecommerce field and learning from you what works best and what more is needed. We have taken into account the most common feature requests and issues reported by our customer success team.

The most wanted features that Omnisend plans to develop in 2017 are as follows:

  • Powerful Forms. You will be able to improve your email list building and capture your visitors with our brand-new, powerful signup forms and pop-ups! Benefit from a wide variety of trending new designs and layouts, targeting options, customizable fields, conversion reports, etc.
  • Effective A/B Testing. You will be able to experiment with different sender’s names, subject lines, and preheaders and get valuable marketing insights.
  • Optional Double Opt-in. You will be able to choose the double opt-in option to protect your business from spambots and fake subscribers.
  • Smart Segmentation. We will finally provide you with the opportunity to segment your subscribers based on their products purchased. This will be doable with just a few simple clicks.
  • Flexible Automation. It’s going to be a custom time selection, with more triggers and overall flexibility in automated emails.

These features are huge in their scope, so they will appear in different quarters of 2017. If you want to know when exactly to expect them and what else we have foreseen to improve your marketing results, check out our page What’s Next? The page will be constantly updated, so you will be able to know what features you can try out and plan your marketing activities in advance.

First Steps Toward the Goal

To prove we do what we say, we have already developed one of our promised features. In the coming week, you will be able to experience our brand-new workflow for signup forms! It will be newly designed, with a great-looking Signup Box and Popups. New targeting rules, conversion reports, and customization opportunities will make your day—we promise!

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So, carry on using Omnisend, try our new features, and help us to improve them! If you haven’t found a feature you need on our list, visit our What’s Next page and submit a feature request. We will take it into consideration.

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