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Campaign Booster

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What is a Campaign Booster?
The Campaign Booster is one of the most popular Soundest features. It gives you a second chance to poke your customers and grab their attention if they have skipped your newsletter for the first time. On average, your email campaign is opened by only 20% of customers. Think about the other 80% who have not done it!

The newsletter you boost will be sent only to those customers that have not opened the initial email and are most likely to make a purchase. It will increase your open and click rates, as well as sales, by up to 30%.
How does it work?
In the 48 hours after the initial email campaign, the Campaign Booster sends the same email campaign once again. However, this time a different subject line is used and recipients are only those customers who have not opened your first email and are likely to buy. We use a complex formula and your historical data to determine most prospective customers. This means your Booster campaign is highly targeted.

You have 46 hours after launching your initial campaign in which to decide whether to use Campaign Booster or not.
What are the benefits?
  • It is always a challenge to write a good subject line that makes people open your email. With the Campaign Booster you get a second chance to approach your customers.
  • This feature is like simplified A/B testing for subject lines. You will better understand the types of subject lines that work for you.
  • The biggest benefit is growth in sales. The Campaign Booster will increase growth by up to 30%.
How can I achieve better results?
Our users see the best results by using Booster every second or third campaign (usually once a week). Make sure it does not overlap with your following promotional campaigns. The Campaign Booster usually results in 30% more sales from a campaign.
This definitely gives Mailchimp a run for their money. Easy to use and we like the pick product feature. We also really like the email booster on premium that is such a great feature. Keep up the good work guys and we look forward to future updates and features. Thank You.