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Cart Recovery Series

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What is Cart Recovery Series?
Customers frequently abandon their shopping carts - the average rate is 68.53%. The goal of the abandoned cart email is to encourage the online store's visitor to complete the order. Once a customer leaves a cart containing products and does not complete a purchase, the service provider sends an email to remind.
How does it work?
The data for abandoned carts is fetched from an online store when the visitor has logged in or has entered his/her email address at the checkout. In case of Soundest, the cookies in the visitor's browser are an additional source for this information. After the online store's visitor has abandoned the shopping cart, a cart recovery workflow sets up the consumer's order, packs it into the email and sends it ready-made to the client as a friendly reminder to proceed with the purchase.
Customer abandons
a cart
Email No. 1 is sent 1 hour
after abandonment
Email No. 2 is sent 12 hours
after abandonment
Email No. 3 is sent 24 hours
after abandonment
What are the benefits?
  • It identifies customers much sooner, even if they haven't reached the checkout.
  • Using Cart Recovery workflows in email campaigns creates synergy and extra value: Soundest sends a cart recovery email to all your subscribers signed up through our subscription forms or those who have at least once clicked on your newsletter sent through Soundest.
  • Instead of the 12-15% of recovered carts achieved by other services, Soundest retains up to 20% of customers.
  • The abandoned cart email is easily customised or the Soundest default can also be used.
How can I achieve better results?
Instead of one abandoned cart email you can set up a Cart Recovery Series and send three emails in the row. Once the order is completed, your customer will stop receiving Cart Recovery Series emails.

Offer your subscribers a discount as an extra incentive to complete the purchase. Discounts can be the same for all three emails, or, for example, they can increase with every email. If a customer is not convinced by the first one, they might see an even bigger discount in the second email.

After the workflow is enabled, the subscription forms should be enabled to spread as many cookies as possible to make the Cart Recovery Feature perform to its best ability.