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How Harper Liz Boutique Used Welcome Emails to Make $50K+

Revenue with welcome emails
Revenue with first welcome email
Sales increase with 2nd and 3rd emails

Harper Liz Boutique is an online boutique with a mission to bring stylish and affordable clothes to parents around the world for their kids.



California, United States



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Welcome email series & automation

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Overview of Harper Liz Boutique

Harper Liz Boutique is an online boutique with a mission to bring stylish and affordable clothes to parents around the world for their kids. The boutique offers a collection of hand selected items for girls, from newborns to 7-year-olds.

Harper Liz started when founder Christina Buchanan struggled to find styles for her own kids in local stores and shopping malls. Most of the options in the local market was not surprising, nor was it particularly unique or interesting.

From the start, Harper Liz has aimed to deliver the highest quality and design apparel at prices families can afford and feel good about. By directly working with designers in multiple countries, the boutique managed to deliver its promised message and the business started booming.

The store is also very successful with its customers: it has more than 130,000 followers on Instagram, and nearly 300,000 on Facebook. Now that the business has taken off, they’ve been able to dedicate themselves to it completely. “We’ve both been able to leave our full time positions and focus solely on our ecommerce business from home, and it has been the best decision we ever made,” she says.

But Harper Liz wasn’t always so successful.


Harper Liz’s challenge

In early 2017, Christina wanted to increase her sales and looked to ecommerce marketing automation for the solution.

What she wanted was pretty simple: to have her sales increase on autopilot.

After all, ecommerce store owners are usually busy running every aspect of their store, and they usually automate as much as they can.

For Christina, first impressions are also very important. Not only does her team spend a lot of time on designing beautiful clothes—they also focus on giving shoppers a visuallypleasing experience when they visit Harper Liz.

“By approaching the person at the right time with the relevant information, you create trustworthiness around the brand.”

With the interest and orders in the boutique growing, the Harper Liz team knew that they needed to find a better way to maintain a close relationship with newcomers.

That’s when they decided to set up an automation workflow for their welcome emails. This would ensure that they could build a strong and long-lasting relationship with the customers.

And that’s when Harper Liz found Omnisend.


The Omnisend Solution

At first, Christina set up a single email to welcome her new subscribers.

But as she was thinking about her customers’ journeys, she realized that it would be better to introduce them to the brand over a series of 3 emails.

That way, they have more time to get to know the brand and move toward their first purchase.

Over the space of one week, Harper Liz’s new subscribers get 3 emails showcasing the brand and its products.

You can see the automation workflow here:

Let’s look at the three welcome emails Harper Liz uses for new subscribers:

Harper Liz saw some immediate, great results from the welcome email series.

The welcome emails have not just great open rates (36%) and click rates (nearly 9%), they also have fantastic sales.

The first email still brings in most of the sales ($47,000). However, the 2nd and 3rd in the series has added another 7.5% of sales, or about $3,600.

And that’s from just one hour of initial setup.

Not only that, but these warm welcome emails have created a stronger bond between the brand and Harper Liz’s engaged subscribers.

This has led to greater conversions in all of their marketing automation workflows.

In fact, Harper Liz was so impressed with the welcome email series that they’ve started using Omnisend’s cart recovery automation and order confirmation workflows.


Looking Forward

Christina plans to continue improving Harper Liz’s sales results with Omnisend.

“As we learn more about our industry and what our customers want, we implement and try new tactics. From the days and times we decide to send an email or an offer, to the series of emails we send after a purchase, we are constantly trying new things to see what works best,” she says.

For Christina and Harper Liz Boutique, constant testing to improve the customer experience is the key to their success.

“We will continue to do this kind of experimenting in the future to fine tune our tactics to obtain the best results.”