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Email & SMS: Strong alone. Beautiful together.

Sometimes, when you combine two good things, they get transformed into something truly amazing. Like mac & cheese. Or peanut butter & jelly. Or email & SMS.

Reach more customers, build your brand faster, and get more sales by using SMS with your email marketing.

Email & SMS: Strong alone. Beautiful together.

It’s much easier than you think

From hassle-free setup and multi-step forms to full TCPA compliance and pre-built automation workflows, making SMS your best-selling channel is easier than ever.

More ways to build & sell
More ways to build & sell

By combining email & SMS, you're making more sales and engagement than using those channels alone.

Collect emails & SMS
Collect emails & SMS

With Omnisend's Multi-step forms, you can grab their phone number after they enter their email address.

It’s easier than ever
It’s easier than ever

Our drag-and-drop email builder is all about ease of use, while our SMS builder looks and works just like your phone's text app. You already know how to do this.

No time to create? We've got you covered
No time to create?
We've got you covered

Why spend hours on making forms or emails from scratch? Pick one of our 200+ pre-built themes, fill it with your imagery, and start selling instantly.

Get personal with your customers
Get personal with your customers

Use segmentation to send emails and texts that always hit home. Whether they're frequent shoppers or just browsing, you'll send messages your customers actually care about.

More sales, less work
More sales,
less work

Use our pre-built email + SMS workflows designed to win back sales and keep your customers hooked. Just choose, customize, and let the magic happen.

email & sms

The power couple of marketing

When you combine email with SMS, you don’t just get better engagement and happier customers—you also get more sales. Omnisend customers are seeing 47% higher conversions when they combine email and SMS in their campaigns.

Omnichannel vs single-channel campaigns

retention rate


order rate


spend rate


It’s much easier than you think

Think juggling email and SMS sounds like a chore? With Omnisend, it's more like a picnic. Everything's in one spot—email, SMS, and even a ton of other ecommerce apps you might be using.

Your emails will land where they should, your texts will stick to the rules, and if you want to add an app you love? Just a click and you’re connected.

It’s much easier than you think
Lauren Rose
The data we’ve gotten from Omnisend has been super beneficial. It’s helped us understand what our customers like and what they don’t. And it drives a lot of revenue, netting us nearly $8,000 in sales for an average email promotion.

of company sales generated through Omnisend


conversion rate for the welcome series

6 months

of SMS sales paid for almost two years of Omnisend

Lauren Rose,

email and social media marketing manager

pro plan

SMS will pay for your email

When you're on Omnisend's Pro plan, you get free SMS credits equal to the price of your plan. So if you're paying $100 for email on Pro, you get $100 in free SMS credits to text your customers around the world.

Basically, that means you're paying $0 for all the revenue you're getting through Omnisend—if you're actively using both email and SMS.

It’s much easier than you think
Omnisend has been the perfect tool for my business! I can easily create campaigns or forms and have them scheduled to send out. Super easy to use from both my end and my customers’ end.
Natalie H., small business owner
G2 Reviews, Feb 23, 2023

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