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Ahmedabad, India
Designers, Developers, Marketers
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About Metizsoft

We're a full service marketing and design agency specializing in services for small-to-large sized businesses worldwide. We offer a wide range of world-class quality and affordable design, development, eCommerce and marketing services to fit your needs.

Price Description

Full-scale website builds start from $799 upwards, and generally take about 3 to 4 weeks.

Are we a good fit for you?

We believe in quality work so if you are in hurry or on a very tight budget, we probably aren't the best company for you as we believe to fulfill our client expectation with best efforts which will take time. Our rates are competitive and firm as with great experience and expertise. We believe we are some of the best team to work for your Ecommerce Site.

We have a talented team that answers your questions, works hard, and is devoted to helping you reach your goals. We will give you the edge over your competitors.

Hourly rate: $15/hr

Some of Our Skills

  • Ecommerce Setup - Setup of your Store, Apps, Channel & Marketplace Integration
  • Ecommerce Custom solutions - Private and public App development
  • Ecommerce Design & Development

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