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About Pasilobus

We specialize in e-commerce system design. If you want to sell online as a hobby or expand your business to the online commerce universe, we have the solution to fit your business' needs. No client is too far away, wherever you are we can help!

Why Pasilobus?

Pasilobus is a team of e-commerce experts that specialize in e-commerce system design setup and Shopify app development. Our brilliant team of engineers are constantly working to deliver the most innovative tools to make your e-commerce accessible and affordable for everyone

In the US alone, thousands of growing businesses are transitioning to the ecommerce platform and Pasilobus is at the forefront of that transition.

  • We will analyze your entire work flow and offer you highly customized solutions for your unique needs

What you will get

  • Design is the key feature when it comes to selling online, we will explore your business together and find the perfect match in order to offer a great web experience for your customers
  • We will offer you tools to automate your relationship with suppliers and customers. Offer fast and timely service, get loyal customers and watch your business grow
  • For a succesfull e-commerce, you have to make sure your all divisions work in harmony. Customer Support, Warehouse, Transportation; your all supply chain should work like a charm so you can focus on growing your business.

We will provide all tools for you to offer your customers fast and timely service.

  • E-mail and configuration of Google Tools (Adwords, Analytics)
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Ready to go iOS and Android apps for your store
  • Supply Chain and Fulfillment Consulting by our Industrial Engineers
  • Multichannel Selling (Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten, Etsy)

We are passionate helping businesses grow!

A dedicated engineer will personally manage your project and we as a team will help your business grow.

Let's work together!