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Facebook Messenger

Boost your Sales with Facebook Messenger

Connect Facebook Messenger and send automated messages to your customers throughout their customer journey. Start using this effective channel and enjoy higher open and click through rates than traditional email. Use Facebook Messenger simultaneously with other channels to maximise the result and reach your customers where they are.

Recover More Abandoned Carts

There’s no denying how effective abandoned cart automation workflows are. Now with Omnisend, you can make them even more powerful - add Facebook Messenger to your workflows and send perfectly-timed messages to your customers on their most preferred channel to recover even more carts. Combine those two channels together or use Facebook Messenger separately.

Omnichannel Way of Order Notifications

Creating a seamless omnichannel experience means your customer has the same experience no matter what channel they’re using. Once Omnisend account is connected with Facebook Messenger, you can send your customer’s order confirmation and shipping messages straight into their Messenger.

Discover how to connect with your customers on an even deeper level with Facebook Messenger.

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